Young Professionals: The Missing Link

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Young Professionals: The Missing Link. SI 643: Winter 2012. Your Presenters:. Caitlin R. Halley T. Mariah C. Agenda. Barriers to participation Potential problems Programming case studies Questions. Learning Goals. Define “Young Professionals” as patron group
Young Professionals: The Missing LinkSI 643: Winter 2012Your Presenters:Caitlin R.Halley T.Mariah C. Agenda
  • Barriers to participation
  • Potential problems
  • Programming case studies
  • Questions
  • Learning Goals
  • Define “Young Professionals” as patron group
  • Understand why they are underserved
  • How we, as librarians, can better serve them
  • Who are “Young Professionals ?“The term young professional generally refers to a young person not in school who is employed in a profession or white-collar occupation.”Source:
  • Advocates
  • Volunteers
  • Specific Committees
  • Event Planning Ideas
  • Importance
  • May have used libraries before
  • Have specific information needs and problems
  • Why are they underserved?
  • Not a large population of young professionals currently use public libraries
  • Several barriers that prevent them from participating in library programs
  • Barriers to Participation
  • Most library programming is oriented towards families with kids
  • Timing of programming vs. library hours
  • Lack of awareness/specific marketing
  • Planning/time constraints for librarians
  • Polls!
  • When was the last time you were at the library? (for yourself, not for school!)
  • Please reply to this question in chat Polls Cont.
  • What was the last library programming you attended?
  • How did you find out about it?
  • Polls Cont.
  • How would you feel about meeting up with a librarian and a group at a:
  • coffee shop
  • bar
  • movie theater book>movie discussion
  • Information and Social Needs
  • Can be very mobile, sometimes because of careers
  • Info needs -- decisions to make
  • Learning about cool local places (ex: craft breweries, cider mills)
  • Tax/financial decisions & needs
  • Social needs -- a group that’s not their co-workers
  • Determine needs, then develop programs…Case Studies: Three examples of libraries successfully developing programs to serve YPsMultnomah County Library Portland, ORRealized they needed to meet their potential patrons where they were:Interest-wisePhysicallyimage: mclResponse:Planning library visits to events and locations where potential library patrons are already gathering and talkingStumptown Comics FestKeep Portland Weird FestEvents & programs tying into print/lit culture not previously seen as “library-like”Zine library and related programmingLooking at ways to make events library already hosts more friendly to those patrons sans-childrenCentral Library Block Party – adjustments to formatimages: DIY Stumptown Comics Fest & MCLResultsConnection to patrons in the “YP” demographic who are interested/engaged in reading, producing and sharing media, but perhaps doing so in less traditional formatsimages: DIY alertKansas City Public LibraryRecognized that the library could provide programming that wasn’t necessarily being provided by other organizations…image: david kingResponse:Tailoring programming to show that the library understands needs & wants of this demographic:Rooftop movies, “New Cult Canon”Food/”Eclectic Eats”Specific local interest in military issues image: programming librarianResultsIn addition to connecting specifically with this tricky demographic…Library has also been able to secure media and build local media partnerships/relationshipsimage: AV ClubHenderson LibrariesNevada, outside Las VegasLibrary leadership initially presumed:service area = mostly retired seniors and young familiesMarket research showed:Many young professionals in the service area without children. In fact, only 35% of households included childrenimage: we are imagineResponse:Addition of on-demand database services inBusinessConsumer HealthSchool Support/Scholarships & GrantsBroad-based ad & PR campaignBoosting general awareness of the library and its services/programsHigh Quality Brochures and Print MaterialsTelling library’s story via benefit statements relevant to specific segmentsimage: we are imagineResults:Library has seen increased usage across:# of patrons (card-holders)CheckoutsVisitors/”gate-count”Recognized as willing to try new programs, experimentRedbox exampleImage: Las Vegas SunQuestions & AnswersThank you!Evaluation here: & links
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