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SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEBANGSAAN AGAMA TUN SAID YEARLY LESSON PLAN MATHEMATICS FORM 5 ( 2013) WEEK NO. Week 1 TOPICS NUMBER BASES LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. Understand and use the concept of number in base two, eight and five. LEARNING OUTCOMES Student will be able to i. State zero, one, two, three,…, as a number in base : a) two b)eight c)five ii. State the value of a digit of a number in base : a) two b)eight c)five iii. Write a number in base : a) two b)eight c)five in expanded notation.
  SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEBANGSAAN AGAMA TUN SAIDYEARLY LESSON PLANMATHEMATICS FORM 5 ( 2013) WEEK  NO.TOPICSLEARNINGOBJECTIVESLEARNING OUTCOMESVALUESWeek 12.1.13-4.1.13Week 27.1.13-11.1.13 NUMBER BASES1. Understand and use the conceptof number in base two, eight andfive.Student will be able toi. State zero, one, two, three,…, as a number in base :a) two b)eightc)fiveii. State the value of a digit of a number in base :a) two b)eightc)fiveiii. Write a number in base :a) two b)eightc)fivein expanded notation.iv. Convert a number in base:a) two b)eightc)five(v) Convert a number in a certain base to a number in another base.(vi) Perform computations involving:a)additional b)subtractionof two numbers in base two.CooperativeCarefulPatientCooperativeGratefulPatienthonour CooperativeCarefulsystematic 1  WEEK  NO.TOPICSLEARNINGOBJECTIVESLEARNING OUTCOMESStudent will be able to…VALUESWeek 27.1.13-11.1.132. Graphs Of Functions II2.1 Understand and use the conceptof graphs of functionsi) Draw the graph of a:a) linear function:  bax y += , where a and b are constantsb) quadratic function:  cbxax y ++= 2 , where a , b  and c are constants, 0 ≠ a c) cubic function:  d cxbxax y +++= 23 ,where a , b , c and d  areconstants, 0 ≠ a d) reciprocal function:   xa y = where a is a constant,  0 ≠ a .ii) Find from a graph: a) the value of   y , given a value of   x  b) the value(s) of   x , given a value of   y .iii) Identify:a)the shape of graph given a typeof function b)the type of function given agraph.c)the graph given a function andvice versaiv) Sketch the graph of a givenlinear, quadratic, cubic or reciprocal functions.SystematicAccuracyCarefulSystematicAccuracyCarefulPatienceSystematicAccuracyCarefulPatience 2  Week 3 &Week 414.1.13-25.1.132. Graphs Of Functions II2.2 Students will be taught to:Understand and use the concept of the solution of an equation bygraphical method2.3 Understand and use the conceptof the region representinginequalities in two variables(i) Find the point(s) of intersection of two graphs.(ii) Obtain the solution of an equation by findingthe point(s) of intersection of two graphs.(iii) Solve problems involving solution of anequation by graphical method.(i) Determine whether a given point satisfies:   y = ax + b or  y > ax + b or  y < ax + b. (ii) Determine the position of a given pointrelative to the equation  y = ax + b. (iii) Identify the region satisfying  y > ax + b or   y < ax + b. SystematicPatienceAccuracyCarefulEfficient Neat 3  WEEK  NO.TOPICSLEARNINGOBJECTIVESLEARNING OUTCOMESVALUESWeek 528.1.13-01.2.133. Transformations III3.1 Understand and use the conceptof combination of twotransformations.Student will be able toi.)Determine the image of an objectunder combination of two isometrictransformations.ii.)Determine the image of an object under combination of :two enlargements. b.)an enlargement and an isometrictransformation.iii.)Draw the image of an object under combination of two transformations.iv.)State the coordinates of the image of a pointunder combined transformation.v.)Determine whether combinedtransformation AB is equivalent to combinedtransformation BA.vi.)AccuracySelf ConfidenceIndependentPatientWeek 604.2.13-08.2.133. Transformations IIIvii.)Specify two successivetransformations in a combinedtransformation given the object and theimage .viii.)Specify a transformation which isequivalent to the combination of twoisometric transformations.ix.)Solve problems involvingtransformation. 4
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