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1. 1.  SUMMARY:  MAKE  THE  CALL  REAL   The  insight:  Bullying,  bea:ng,  sexual  or  other   forms  of  child  abuse  are  a  serious  problem.  …
  • 1. 1.  SUMMARY:  MAKE  THE  CALL  REAL   The  insight:  Bullying,  bea:ng,  sexual  or  other   forms  of  child  abuse  are  a  serious  problem.   People  know  that  Safety  Line  helps  in  this  area,   but  have  no  idea  that  it  is  not  a  public  service.   And  that  it  needs  financing.       Purpose  of  the  campaign  is  to  show  strong   emo:ons.  Problems  the  therapists  face  each  day   are  very  serious  and  may  even  be  disgus:ng  for   lots  of  ordinary  people.  If  they  knew,  they’d   appreciate  the  service  much  more  and  eventually   help  with  financing.       The  target  audience  for  the  campaign  is  wide,   but  focuses  mainly  on  more  sensi:ve  and   philanthropist  people.  The  goal  is  to  deliver  buzz,   raise  awareness  and  start  public  discussion  about   the  issue.       The  campaign  uses  rather  horrific  visual  style  to   make  all  the  spectators  realize  that  some   children  need  real  help.     SUMMARY  PICTURE   INTEGRATED  SOCIAL  MEDIA  CAMPAIGN    SUMMARY   YL2014_cyber_12   1  
  • 2. 2.  WRITTEN  SUBMISSION  OF  THE  CAMPAIGN   The  campaign  focuses  on  crea:ng  the   social  impact  on  every  non-­‐sensi:ve   target  audience  member.     A  few  (2-­‐5)  videos  will  be  produced,   each  showing  a  typical  (and  rather  bad   one)  story  of  Safety  Line’s  client,  aged   between  6-­‐12,  beated/abused,  and   always  ending  up  unarmed  in   defenseless  situa:on  with  just  a  toy   phone.  Goal  of  the  toy  phone  use  is  to   show  the  importance  of  having  the  right   tools  for  right  things.     All  the  videos  are  used  on  media  where   they  can  be  age-­‐restricted  to  ensure   they  will  not  be  seen  by  very  young   audience.  They  are  always  accompanied   by  a  link  to  the  microsite  which  explains   more.   The  microsite  provides  informa:on   about  the  Safety  Line  service  and  allow   the  user  to  donate  via  mul:ple   channels.  It  uses  click-­‐to-­‐text  technique   to  let  users  quickly  send  the  Donors-­‐ SMS  on  their  mobile  devices. WHAT  IS  YOUR  SOLUTION?   YouTube   All  videos  are  on  the  company’s   YouTube  channel  and  are  linked   together  so  the  user  can  see  them  as   series.  They  are  used  as  pre-­‐rolls,  on  all   possible  websites  that  allow  the  format.   Every  video  contains  a  direct  link  to  the   dona:on  microsite.   Facebook   Facebook  is  the  main  pla^orm  for   spreading  and  sharing  the  videos.  Users   can  share  their  effort  a`er  dona:ng,   automa:cally  via  the  Facebook  app.     Instagram   Short  15”  versions  of  the  videos  are   created  for  Instagram.  Ambassadors   and  Instagram  power  users  are   addressed  to  help  spreading  the   message  &  content.     HOW  DOES  IT  WORK?   To  get  as  much  as  possible  emo:ons   when  talking  about  child  abuse  or   similar  problems,  the  most  obvious     way  -­‐  real  video  -­‐  is  used  to  show  what   is  going  on  very  graphically,  even  with   violence  and  all  the  creepy  stuff  it   contains.  Videos  must  be  shocking  to   provide  the  desired  emo:onal  result.   The  video  spot  will  always  end  with  a   kid  trying  to  call  for  help  via  toy  phone,   with  a  message:  Help  them  make  the   call  real.  Donate  to  Safety  Line  so  they   can  help  more  of  these.   CREATIVE  INSIGHT   YL2014_cyber_12   2  
  • 3. YOUTUBE   3.  THE  USE  OF  3  SOCIAL  MEDIA  PLATFORMS   YL2014_cyber_12   3   FACEBOOK   INSTAGRAM  
  • 4. 4.  YOUTUBE   YL2014_cyber_12   4  
  • 5. 5.  FACEBOOK   •  The  use  of  social  media  -­‐  picture   YL2014_cyber_12   5  
  • 6. 6.  INSTAGRAM   YL2014_cyber_12   6  
  • 7. 7.  SUMMARY  PICTURE   An  image  summarizing  the  campaign.   YL2014_cyber_team  number   7  7  YL2014_cyber_12  
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