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1. 1. SUMMARY Main goal of the campaign is to let the target group feel the same emotions as the clients of Safety Line to motivate them to donate money. Whole campaign…
  • 1. 1. SUMMARY Main goal of the campaign is to let the target group feel the same emotions as the clients of Safety Line to motivate them to donate money. Whole campaign says “This is just a game for you. But children can’t quit the trauma just by pressing one button.” Power of campaign lays in evoking emotions by personalized content based on data from user’s social media profiles, together with touching as much senses as possible, throughout every used platform. Leitmotiv of campaign is the sound of engaged phone tone - the one that everyone hates. The act of donation is communicated as an investment into future generation and users are led to long-term contributions. Financial help is shown as real help, which means the cash is demonstrated as number of children to which you can allow access to Safety Line. Planned budget: 200 000 CZK for execution + media budget SUMMARY PICTURE INTEGRATED SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN SUMMARY YL2014_cyber_03 1
  • 2. 2. WRITTEN SUBMISSION OF THE CAMPAIGN Main platform for communication is Facebook, namely Facebook app supported by long-term communication strategy on Safety Line Club Facebook page. As supporting channels we chose YouTube and Spotify to audiovisually touch more audience. Whole campaign is optimized for sharing on social media for high viral engagement. YouTube communicates by sponsored videos “It can hurt until you can make a phone call” directing users to donate money or to enter the Facebook app. The audiovisual concept is based on content used in Facebook app. Spotify increases PR potential because it counts with support of relevant local artists, who should place special voiceover at the begging of their song to forward the main message. It should be realized in form of short touching stories showing what can happen when you need to call for help and the phone is busy. Spotify is unique and therefore more effective channel for advertising. WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION? The Facebook app uses data from user’s personal profiles (names, photos of friends, school, ...) to get them deeper into situation. Users see touching animation with their old diary with scraps and letters from friends describing everyday kids’ miseries, the easier ones as well as the more serious. ! There is a possibility to “Call for help” which directs users to screen with phone dial. Every number user presses creates unpleasant sound like a sound of slap. Every call attempt ends with engaged tone. This is used also for YouTube communication. ! Whole app has background voiceover with disturbing quotes we all know from our childhood to escalate user’s emotions. Time spent in application is tracked and when users decide to leave, they’re asked to share the result of how long they were able to stand mental discomfort without calling for help. And yes, to invest money into the future of happy kids. HOW DOES WILL WORK? We want to send users on trip “Back to Childhood”, but not really a happy one. All communication is based on 2 escalating steps to cause real and strong emotions. Firstly the user will feel anxiety being introduced to personalized situation of bullied, abused or in other way deprived child. Secondly they find that there is no way how to get away from these situations. This part is mostly demonstrated by telephone dial which they could use to call for help but the line is always busy. The user is then asked to help children who feel the same way and can’t help themselves. The real personal experience enhanced probability of donation and supports viral potential of campaign. CREATIVE INSIGHT YL2014_cyber_03 2
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