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1. 1. SUMMARY – Safety Line on the Edge Nasty, rude and black humor is hugely popular among Czech people on the internet. Pages like Mártyho frky, Opráski sčeskí…
  • 1. 1. SUMMARY – Safety Line on the Edge Nasty, rude and black humor is hugely popular among Czech people on the internet. Pages like Mártyho frky, Opráski sčeskí historje, Kompost.cz and others rock across (social) media. Our concept rides this wave of cynicism. First, we will create a new Facebook page named “Dej si facku” (“Slap yourself” – a typical Czech bullying phrase) where we’ll show kid’s issues in spitefully funny way to attract masses and create buzz like it did for the examples above. Once we’ve built a strong community, that enjoys our edgy humor and gained enough attention from both public and media, we’ll give them all a cold shower with a very personal bulling experience via our unique app. So everyone gets the importance of Safety Line for children. The whole campaign leads to and collects money via social crowdfunding (Facebook direct donate ads and HitHit.com). YL2014_cyber_2 1
  • 2. 2. WRITTEN SUBMISSION OF THE CAMPAIGN Our solution uses Trojan horse strategy followed up by the moment of surprise. We will create a popular Facebook profile with edgy yet funny content, which will marginalize our topic to make it even more resonate afterwards. Tools: - FB content strategy - Unique FB app - Social hack on Foursquare - Social fundraising: Donate now ads and HitHit.com SOLUTION The campaign aims to shock it`s audience and use the engagement to collect money for “Klub linky v bezpečí.” The guerrilla part engages with users by posting unexpected content and is combined with serious campaign featuring new format “Donate now” of FB ads. After 1 month of guerrilla communication we’ll reveal the true message behind our page and show off terrible situations kids have to go through every day without having anyone to help them, but the Safety Line. At that moment we start final fundraising campaign at HitHit.com, where we explain all the Safety Line problems and ask for the real help. People, deeply affected by the stories and their own curious experience, shall be willing to help. HOW DOES IT WORK? Instead of creating another average, serious charity campaign based on emotions and solidarity, we’ve decided to use edgy and slightly offensive black humor to draw people's attention to our cause. This will not only attract those, who are used to donate, but also whole bunch of new donors. Our campaign is built around 3 important elements: cynicism, which is so typical for Czechs, contrast between pity and maliciousness and moment of shame, which will arrive immediately after revealing the true purpose of our Facebook guerrilla page. CREATIVE INSIGHT YL2014_cyber_2 2
  • 3. 3. THE USE OF 3 SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Facebook (Edgy communication, Bullying app) Social crowdfunding (HitHit.com, Donate now FB ads) Foursquare (Shocking tips) YL2014_cyber_2 3
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