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1. Problem Reaching the Audience High income level audience General population Motivated - Inaccessible Unmotivated - Accessibleã Interested the most in ãThe problem…
  • 1. Problem Reaching the Audience High income level audience General population Motivated - Inaccessible Unmotivated - Accessible• Interested the most in •The problem may seem too corruption issues distant, too complicated or even• Very costly to effectively reach unsolvable and persuade •Too large expense - 1000 CZK -• Preferring to spend tax with little direct benefits deductible corporate money •Easy to reach and persuade a instead of their own number large enough
  • 2. Solution Creating the motivation from scratch• To create an interesting product for everyone• Making the hard and unpleasant corruption problem secondary• Pulling in the high profile audience later Benefits• Gaining a surprising and fun gift• Entertaining friends• Helping the good cause• Being smart and socially helpful
  • 3. IdeaBuy a Bribe!Bribes Into the Right Hands Bribes Against Corruption
  • 4. Implementation (1)1. See a viral video of people poking fun at friends with fake bribes2. Visit www.1000vkapse.cz to buy an envelope with fake money (vouchers) for 1 000 CZK
  • 5. Implementation (2)3. Try to bribe a friend as a fun present4. If you can, make a video to take part in online competition5. The voucher will direct the recipient to the microsite to let them choose how to spend the money to fight the actual bribery
  • 6. Communication Build awareness about the product Microsite Viral videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook) Public Relation (Press releases about the project)Word of mouth Facebook (Fan page, Video sharing) Banners (Online promotion e.g. at respekt.cz)
  • 7. Expected results At least 500 envelopes have been sold• This means to get at least 500 individual donors• Clarification of Transparency International agenda• Active involvement of people in topic of corruption• Feeling of participation in improving the situation
  • 8. SummaryPeople are weakly motivated.We neeed to create motivation Used communication: - Facebook Buy a Bribe! - Public Relations - Display Ads (banners)Create a product for - Viral videoseveryone = Buy a bribe - Word of mouth(envelope with fake money)Donate to fight againstcorruption www.1000vkapse.cz Activate people, attract interest - try to bribe a friend, To sell 500 envelopes make video and share = gain 500 individuals donors
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