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  SK RKT BERSIA, GERIK  KSSR ENGLISH LANGUAGEINDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT REPORT YEAR 3 Name: ContentStandardBandLearning StandardAchievement( Date)Comment L i   st  eni  n g &  S  p e ak i  n g B1DL1E1Able to do any of the following:(a) recite rhyme(b) sing songs(c) tongue twisters(d) sing in groupsB1DL2E1Able to do any of the following(a) jazz chants,(b) action songs(c) tongue twistersB2DL1E1Able to participate in the followingconversation:(a) Talk about oneself (b) Introduce family members andfriends.B2DL2E1Able to ask and answer correctly using:(a) personal(b) demonstrative and(c) possessive pronounsB3DL1E1Able to participate in the followingconversation:(a) express good wishes(b) ask for help(c) respond to someone asking for help(d) offer helpB3DL2E1Able to listen to, follow and giveinstructions and directions.B4DL1E1Able to give True/False replies based on:(a) characters(b) place in storiesB4DL2E1Able to do any of the following:(a) sing action songs(b) recite jazz chants(c) recite poemsB4DL3E1Able to identify locations of objectsbased on a picture stimulus using:(a) in (e) in front of (b) on (f) behind(c) under (g) at(d) upB5DL1E1Able to talk about a given stimulus.B5DL2E1Able to ask and answer simple WH-QuestionsB5DL2E2Able to perform or recite any of thefollowing:(a) jazz chants(b) action songs(c) poem(d) tell storiesB6DL1Able to identify the correct sequence of oral texts. 1  SK RKT BERSIA, GERIK  E1B6DL2E1Able to produce any creative works bylistening to simple instructions. 2  SK RKT BERSIA, GERIK  Name:3 ContentStandardBandLearning StandardAchievement(Date)Comment R  e a d i   n  g B1DB1E1Able to group words according to wordcategories.B1DB2E1Able to read and identify:(a) common nouns(b) proper nouns(c) singular nouns(d) plural nounsB2DB1E1Able to match words with words of:(a) similar meaning(b) opposite meaningB3DB1E1Able to recognize, read and matchpictures with phrases and sentences.B3DB2E1Able to form sentences usingsubstitution table.B4DB1E1Able to complete phrases or sentencesbased on text read.B4DB2E1Complete sentences using the correctconjunctions:(a) and(b) or(c) butB5DB1E1Able to read and comprehend simpletexts by answering WH-Questions.B6DB1E1Able to transfer information from texts.B6DB2E1Able to locate words using:(a) entry points or(b) exit points  SK RKT BERSIA, GERIK  Name: ContentStandardBandLearning StandardAchievement(Date)Comment Wr i   t  i   n  g B1DT1E1Able to form numeral and letters of words using correct penmanship.(a) phrases(b) simple sentences(c) numeral forms(d) word formsB2DT1E1Able to spell correctly.B2DT2E1Able to complete:(a) linear texts(b) non-linear textsB3DT1E1Able to use correctly:(a) exclamation mark(b) commaB3DT2E1Able to write sentences using correctpenmanship.B3DT3E1Able to complete sentences using thecorrect verbs:(a) regular verbs(b) simple present tense(c) simple past tenseB4DT1E1Able to write sentences using correctpunctuations from picture stimulus.B5DT1E1Able to form questions based on answersgiven.B5DT2E1Able to rearrange words to form phrases/sentences in the correct manner.B5DT3E1Able to list/group words given using:(a) a(b) an(c) theB6DT1E1Able to create simple texts.B6DT2E1Able to form declarative sentences 4
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