Year 3-7 Graphic Novels List

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Year 3-7 Graphic Novels List. Graphic Novels Book List. Traditional fairy tales in graphic format Stone Arch Series 398.2. Graphic Novels can also be found in the Non-Fiction section of the library too!! Have a look next time you come in . Myths & Legends found in 398.2.
Year 3-7 Graphic Novels List Graphic Novels Book List Traditional fairy tales in graphic format Stone Arch Series 398.2 Graphic Novels can also be found in the Non-Fiction section of the library too!! Have a look next time you come in Myths & Legends found in 398.2 Two chapters of this book are shown as a graphic story 364.18 KEL Graphic Novels Book List Super baddies series F BAD At Baddie Primary, baddie kids learn everything from evil cackling to explosions & general mischief. The only problem is that the baddies‘ school is right across the read from Goodie Primary. Star Wars !! These titles can be found in picture fiction section PF STA More Star Wars, you say??? Some of these titles can be found in F STA Look for these titles in F WAT Graphic Novels Book List Look in F SUP Look in F SUP Are you interested in superheroes?? F SUP Look in F SUP Look in F SUP Graphic Novels Book List Amulet series by KazuKibiushi, read them all from the first book in the series, The Stonekeeper to No. 5, Prince of the Elves F KIB F COL Nanobot rampage: When Fasool gulps down a 'health drink' something strange, green and warty happens to his face. Then the furniture goes feral.
  • Stormbreaker summary:
  • Forcibly recruited into MI6 after the mysterious death of his guardian, fourteen-year-old Alex is sent to infiltrate the organization of a sinister billionaire. Within days he's gone from schoolboy to superspy
  • F HOR
  • Graphic Novels Book List F HOL Summary Queen of the world : An imaginative mouse dreams of being queen of the world, but will settle for an invitation to the most popular girl's slumber party F JOL Agent Mongoose summary : As the hero of this graphic novel whose top-secret mission is to follow an international trail of spies and foil the plans of an evil mastermind, the reader's choices determine the outcome of the story F HOR F ODG Planet of Bones : Some planets seem to have no life forms. But that doesn't mean they have no danger. Graphic Novels Book List F PET Summary - No#7 The Charmed bracelet : Ned Nickerson arrested for shoplifting! Nancy Drew threatened with a lawsuit!& A rare computer chip stolen from Rackham Industries! It all gets even more exciting when Nancy receives a mysterious charm bracelet in the mail - and soon a crime is committed for each charm!& Will Nancy, even with the help of Bess and George, be able to find the real culprit before Ned is convicted? Graphic Novels Book List Senior Picture Fiction section - SPF has a lot of graphic novels, these are some of the titles you will find in this section SPF STA SPF TAN SPF GOS SPF HER The secret of the unicorn : Begins with Tintin walking through a street market where he sees a model of a ship for sale. He instantly senses that it would help Haddock feel better, so he buys it…but he’s soon surrounded by shady characters who will pay any price to get the ship away from them. He won’t sell, since he bought it for his good friend. SPF STA An anthropologist searching for the legendary Treasure House of the Queen of Sheba is missing and Captain Congo is sent by the Agency to Abyssinia to find him. Danger and intrigue lie ahead - just what Captain Congo loves. Graphic Novels Book List PF GAR F LOB F AXE F PIL F STI F PAT F MACG
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