XtL Fundamentals Tutorial At Future Fuels Conference, Brisbane Australia, July 19 2011

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1. XTL Fundamentals Tutorial<br /> Clean Synthetic Transportation Fuels <br />Dr. Theo Fleisch and Dr. Ronald Sills<br />Directors, DME…
  • 1. XTL Fundamentals Tutorial<br /> Clean Synthetic Transportation Fuels <br />Dr. Theo Fleisch and Dr. Ronald Sills<br />Directors, DME InstituteSM<br />19 July 2011<br />DME InstituteSM<br />
  • 2. The presenters<br />Theo Fleisch<br />Ron Sills<br />DME InstituteSM<br />
  • 3. Who are we<br />Dr. Theo Fleisch is well-known for his leadership in the area of Gas-to-Products (GTP), and his deep technical knowledge of DME and the industry. Dr. Fleisch worked for 30 years in numerous technical and managerial positions in Amoco/BP, and is a founding member and former chairman of the International DME Association.<br />Dr. Fleisch holds 12 patents and more than 70 publications. He has been a global speaker on gas utilization and was a 2006/7 SPE Distinguished Lecturer. He received a Masters and Ph.D. summa cum laude degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and had a postdoctoral assignment in ChemEat Purdue.<br />Dr. Fleisch was the CTO and General Manager of World GTL Trinidad. He is now the COO of International Green Power (IGP). He is also a consultant to the World Bank and acts as Chief Advisor to Oberon Fuels. <br />Dr. Ronald (Ron) Sills is an Alternative Energy Consultant in conversion technologies and analyses of the natural gas/coal/biomass to products value chain. He is Co-Director of the DME (Dimethyl ether) Institute, an educational service, and is a member of the Technical Advisory Board for CoolPlanetBioFuels, Inc. He is recognized internationally as an alternative energy expert , particularly in the area of hydrocarbon conversion to fuels. In 2010, he was the GTL Peer Reviewer for the IEA World Energy Outlook. Before his retirement from BP in 2009, he was Gas Conversion Network Leader and Engineering Manager in the Conversion Technology Centre. Prior to joining BP in the 1990s, he was manager of Mobil’s Research Planning Group as well as a member of the team for the development and commercialization of the fixed-bed Methanol-to-Gasoline (MTG) process.Dr. Sills holds a PhD and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from M.I.T and a B.S .in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University.<br />
  • 4. About the DME InstituteSM<br />Newly-created educational service (2010) provided by Dr. Theo Fleisch (Fuel Conversion Solutions, LP) and Dr. Ronald Sills (Ronald A. Sills, LLC) , Co-Directors, on all aspects of the XTL supply chain, including DME as a fuel and chemical feedstock. Institute name changed to “XTL and DME Institute”.<br />XTLFundamentals Tutorial at Future Fuels Conference on July 19, 2011<br />In Brisbane<br /> DME Fundamentals Tutorial at DME4 on September 6, 2010<br />In Stockholm<br />DME InstituteSM<br />
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