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A stable, long-life, dual-socket, dual- and quad-core SMP server, offering high-performance, massive capacity and outstanding availability Product Guide October 2008 IBM System x3500 Product Overview Outstanding performance, capacity and availability [Suggested uses: Workgroups of medium-to-large corporations; remote offices; fast growing small businesses] CONTENTS Product Overview Selling Features Key Features Key Options x3500 Images x3500 Specifications The Bottom Line 1 1 3 9 11 12 14 In a
   A stable, long-life, dual-socket, dual- and quad-core SMPserver, offering high-performance, massive capacity and outstanding availability   Product Guide  October 2008 IBM   System x3500 Product Overview  CONTENTS   Product Overview 1 Selling Features 1 Key Features 3 Key Options 9 x3500 Images 11 x3500 Specifications 12 The Bottom Line 14 Server Comparison Table 15 For More Information 16 Legal Information 16 Outstanding performance, capacity and availability   [ Suggested uses: Workgroups of medium-to-large corporations; remote offices; fast growing smallbusinesses]In a distributed computing environment, servers are spread across many locations; therefore, as limitedresources challenge IT management, high availability is crucial. The dual-socket IBM  ®  System x3500 ,incorporating IBM X-Architecture ™ features, delivers the superior power and availability needed by smallbusinesses and those with branch or remote locations. The x3500 supports the latest quad- and dual-core Intel  ®    Xeon ™ processors, designed with up to a leading-edge 1333MHz front-side bus (FSB), 64-bitextensions ( EM64T ), and either 4MB (dual-core) or 12MB (quad-core) of L2 cache, to help provide youwith the computing power you need to match your business needs and growth. In addition, the x3500 usesindustry-standard fully buffered   667MHz memory with Chipkill ™   ECC (Error Checking and Correcting)protection—for high performance and reliability. For even higher levels of availability, the x3500 also offersa choice of optional online hot-spare memory or memory mirroring. Dual integrated high-speed GigabitEthernet controllers are standard, as are high-performance adapter slots ( PCIe x8 and x4 and PCIx/133 ).All models offer impressive scalability, including dual-processor support and up to 48GB of memory. Somemodels support eight high-performance 3.5-inch   hot-swap Serial-Attach   SCSI (SAS) with an internalstorage capacity of up to 2.4TB 1 , or eight hot-swap 3.5-inch Serial ATA II (SATA II) hard disk drives witha total capacity of up to 6.0TB . Other models support twelve 2.5-inch   hot-swap SAS drives (up to 1.76TB ). For additional performance and high availability, the x3500 includes the ServeRAID-8k controller  standard  , with 256MB of battery-backed cache, providing RAID-0/1/10/1E/5/6 support. The x3500 shipsas a tower unit; an optional rack conversion kit turns the x3500 into a 5U rack-mounted server to help saveprecious data center floor space.Standard in the x3500 is a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) that enables users to manageand control the server easily—both locally and remotely. This high level of manageability is designed tokeep costs down and the system up—even when network usage increases. The built-in, externallyviewable light path diagnostics panel enables quick servicing of the system if a problem develops.These advanced features help maximize network availability by increasing uptime, as do hot-swap/redundant   HDDs , power and fans ; Active Memory ™ ; integrated RAID ; temperature-controlledfans with Calibrated Vectored Cooling ™ ; industry-standard IPMI 2.0 support, including highly secureremote power control and Serial over LAN ; as well as text-console redirect over LAN .With the inclusion of unique IBM service and support features such as light path diagnostics, IBMDirector , IBM ServerGuide ™ and   support for the optional IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine ,the x3500 is equally well designed for a locally managed data center environment as for a remotelymanaged or stand-alone environment, while offering maximum availability.For a balance of high-performance dual-core, dual-socket processing, high availability and vast internalstorage, the x3500 is the ideal system.  Selling Features  Price/Performance The x3500 offers numerous features to help boost performance and reduce product and operating costs: ã Up to two multi-core Xeon processors with high-end 1066MHz or 1333MHz front side bus and either 12MB or 4MB (processor-specific) of integrated Level 2 cache per processor offer superiorperformance capable of tackling the toughest jobs. 64-bit extensions provide the flexibility to run 32-bit and 64-bit applications concurrently. ã   Low-voltage processors draw less power and produce less waste heat than high-voltage processors,thus helping to reduce data center energy costs. Some dual-core Xeon processors use only 65W . Thisis half the wattage consumed by older 130W processors. On a per-core basis, the 80W   quad-core  processors are even more economical, consuming only 20W   per core  , vs. 32.5W per core for the 65Wdual-core processors. 1   GB equals 1,000,000,000 bytes and TB equals 1,000,000,000,000 bytes when referring to hard disk drive capacity. Accessiblecapacity may be less. Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information. 1   A stable, long-life, dual-socket, dual- and quad-core SMPserver, offering high-performance, massive capacity and outstanding availability   ã Ultra-fast fully buffered   667MHz PC2-5300 DDR II ECC memory with Chipkill protection providesspeed and high availability. ã Three high-speed PCIe and two PCIx adapter slots offer potential investment protection by supportinghigh-performance adapters, such as 10Gb Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand cards, none ofwhich will run in older 33MHz and 66MHz conventional PCI slots. ã Integrated ServeRAID-8k provides RAID-0/1/10/1E/5/6 support standard and without consuming avaluable adapter slot. RAID-0/00 offer improved disk performance via data striping; the other RAIDlevels combine the benefits of speed and availability. ã Up to eight 3.5-inch or twelve 2.5-inch   hot-swap SAS hard disk drives offer high-performance withhigh availability. The SAS controller provides full-duplex ( 2 x 300MBps ) data transfers for SAS drives.For lower cost and high capacity, hot-swap Serial ATA II drives can be used. The SATA II drives offerperformance nearly equal to that of Ultra320 SCSI (300MBps half-duplex vs. 320MBps half-duplex,respectively). ã The integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers with IPMI 2.0 support provide high-speed networkcommunications. ã A high degree of device integration , including SAS, RAID, dual Gigabit Ethernet, systemsmanagement and video controllers, helps to lower costs and frees up valuable adapter slots. Flexibility The x3500 has the ability to grow with your application requirements, thanks to: ã Support for a choice of quad-core processors, with 2.0 to 3.16GHz clock rates, 1333MHz FSB, 12MB  of L2 cache, and 80W or 120W power draw, or dual-core processors with 1.86GHz clock rate, 1066MHz FSB, 4MB of L2 cache, and 65W power draw. ã Up to 48GB of high-speed fully-buffered DDR2 system memory. ã   Three   available    high-performance   PCIe adapter slots, two PCIx slots, and one legacy PCI slot in allmodels. ã The slotless ServeRAID-8k controller with 256MB of battery-backed cache provides high-performancehardware RAID support, offering six RAID levels, including RAID-1E , 5 and 6 . ã The five USB 2.0 ports (four external, one internal) are up to 40X faster 2 than older USB 1.1 ports.This provides speedy access to external HDDs (non-arrayed), optical drives, tape drives, and otherUSB devices. Two ports are on the front of the unit and two are on the back. ã   Up to eight internal 3.5-inch or 12 2.5-inch HDDs, and   a half- or full-high tape drive offertremendous internal storage capability, along with full data backup. Models offer a maximum of 2.4TB  of hot-swap   3.5-inch   SAS, 1.76TB of hot-swap 2.5-inch SAS, or 6.0TB of hot-swap   SATA storageinternally. ã Alternatively, iSCSI or Fibre Channel-attached storage can be attached using IBM System Storage ™  or TotalStorage ™ servers. Manageability Powerful systems management features simplify local and remote management of the x3500: ã The x3500 includes a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) to monitor server availability,perform Predictive Failure Analysis, etc., and trigger IBM Director alerts. The BMC enables servicepersonnel to use sophisticated diagnostic tools, such as light path diagnostics, to resolve problemsquickly. ã Integrated IPMI 2.0 support alerts IBM Director to anomalous environmental factors, such as voltageand thermal conditions. It also supports highly secure remote power control using data encryption. ã   Text Console Redirection support allows the administrator to remotely view x3500 text messagesover Serial or LAN. ã IBM Director is provided for proactive systems management. It comes with a portfolio of tools,including Management Processor Assistant, RAID Manager, Update Assistant, Software Distribution   and a Real Time Diagnostics  tool. In addition, IBM Director offers extended systems management toolsfor additional server management and increased availability. ã An optional Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine provides additional systems managementcapabilities, including Web-based out-of-band control; virtual floppy and optical drive support; Windows “blue screen” error capture; LDAP and SSL support;  and remote redirection of PCI video, text,keyboard and mouse  . It also adds PFA support for fans  . And it does all this without consuming avaluable adapter slot. 2 Data transfer rates may be less than the maximum possible. Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information. 2   A stable, long-life, dual-socket, dual- and quad-core SMPserver, offering high-performance, massive capacity and outstanding availability   Availability and Serviceability The x3500 provides many features to simplify serviceability and increase system uptime: ã x3500 servers use Chipkill-enabled fully buffered memory DIMMs. Chipkill memory is up to 16X  better than standard ECC memory at correcting memory errors. This can help reduce downtimecaused by memory errors. Fully buffered DIMMs provide additional availability features, includingCRC (cyclic redundancy check) monitoring. ã The x3500 offers selectable online hot-spare memory and memory mirroring for redundancy in theevent of a noncorrectable memory failure. ã   Toolless   cover removal provides easy access to upgrades and serviceable parts. Similarly, the Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine , hot-swap/redundant HDDs, fans and power supplies , aswell as online hot-spare and mirrored memory can be installed and replaced without tools, meaninggreater system uptime while these components are being serviced. ã The externally visible light path diagnostics panel and individual light path LEDs quickly lead thetechnician to failed (or failing) components. This simplifies servicing, speeds up problem resolution andhelps improve network availability. ã Integrated RAID-1/10/1E/5/6 SAS or SATA arrays allow the server to keep operating in the event of adrive failure ã   IPMI 2.0 supports highly secure remote system power control using data encryption. This allows anadministrator to restart a server without having to visit it in person, saving travel time and getting theserver back up and running quickly and securely. It also adds new features to those provided by IPMI1.5, including VLAN support, Serial over LAN , enhanced authentication and encryption algorithms( RMCP+, SHA-1, AES ) and a firmware firewall . ã   Temperature-controlled fans adjust to compensate for changing thermal characteristics. At the lowerspeeds they draw less power and suffer less wear. Equally important in a crowded data center,temperature-controlled fans produce less ambient noise in the data center than if they were constantlyrunning at full speed. ã   The three-year (parts and labor) limited onsite warranty 3 affords you peace of mind and greaterinvestment protection than a one-year warranty does.   Key Features  High-Performance Xeon Processors The x3500 supports up to two high-performance Intel Xeon processors, allowing you to upgrade to asecond processor as business needs require. The x3500 offers a choice of processor clock rates, FSBspeeds and power draw: ã   120W quad-core Xeon processor model X5460 at 3.16GHz, with 64-bit extensions, only  30W  per core of power draw  , a 1333MHz FSB, and 12MB of L2 processor cache (2 x 6MB) ã   120W quad-core Xeon processor model X5450 at 3.00GHz, with 64-bit extensions, only  30W  per core of power draw  , a 1333MHz FSB, and 12MB of L2 processor cache (2 x 6MB) ã   80W quad-core Xeon processor models E5405 , E5410 , E5420 , E5430 , or E5440 at 2.0, 2.33, 2.5,2.66, or 2.83GHz (respectively), with 64-bit extensions, only  20W  per core of power draw  , a 1333MHz  FSB, and 12MB of L2 processor cache (2 x 6MB) ã   65W dual-core Xeon processor models 5110 at 1.6GHz, with 64-bit extensions, low power draw  , a 1066MHz FSB, and 4MB of shared L2 processor cache (1 x 4MB)Two other processors are offered for special order, the Xeon processor model x5260 and x5470. Pleasecontact us for more information. Dual-core Xeon processors contain two complete processor cores ; quad-core processors, similarly,contain four cores. Processors contain one or two shared 4MB or 12MB L2 caches. The shared cache isdynamically allocated between the cores as needed. The multiple cores appear to software as multiplephysical processors. The dual-core processors offer considerably higher performance than a same-speedXeon processor with a single core. Likewise, quad-core processors offer considerably higher performancethan a same-speed Xeon processor with dual cores.Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T) 64-bit extensions allow the Xeon processor to use largememory addressing when running with a 64-bit operating system. This in turn lets individual softwareprocesses directly access more than 4GB of RAM, which was the limit of 32-bit addressing. This can resultin much higher performance for certain kinds of programs, such as database management and CAD.Additional registers and instructions (SSE3) can further boost performance for applications written to usethem. Contact your software provider to determine their software support for EM64T. 3 For terms and conditions or copies of the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty, call 800-772-2227 in the U.S. In Canada call 800-426-2255. Telephone support may be subject to additional charges. For warranties including onsite labor, a technician is sent afterIBM attempts to resolve the problem remotely. International warranty service is available in any country in which this product issold. Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information. 3   A stable, long-life, dual-socket, dual- and quad-core SMPserver, offering high-performance, massive capacity and outstanding availability   up to one-third higher throughput at the same processor clock speed than an 800MHz FSB ( 6.4GBps )used in older systems. The 1333MHz FSB offers a peak rate of up to 10.67GBps , or up to two - thirds  higher throughput at the same processor clock speed than an 800MHz FSB. This may result in muchhigher data transfer rates. Intelligent Power Capability powers individual processor elements on and off as needed, to reducepower draw. Execute Disable Bit functionality can help prevent certain classes of malicious buffer overflow attackswhen combined with a supporting operating system. DDR II ECC Fully Buffered Memory with Chipkill Protection The x3500 supports up to 48GB of memory in 12 DIMM sockets. It uses PC2-5300 fully-buffered doubledata rate II (DDR II) memory (operating at 667MHz ) for faster access, and provides advanced Chipkill  memory protection, for up to 16X better error correction than standard ECC memory.The fully buffered memory in the x3500 provides up to triple the memory bandwidth (up to 21.3GBps in four  channels of PC2-5300 fully-buffered DIMMs vs. a maximum of 6.4GBps in two channels of unbufferedPC2-3200 memory) and up to triple the system memory capacity ( 12 DIMMs x 4GB ) of the predecessorx236 server (8 DIMMs x 2GB). By performing reads and writes simultaneously, it eliminates the previousmemory read-to-write blocking latency. In addition, it also offers innovative data reliability and securityfeatures to help improve data integrity, including enhanced CRC protection, data retry on error detect andbuffer registers for improved fault isolation.For increased availability, the x3500 offers two additional (but mutually exclusive) levels of IBM ActiveMemory protection: online memory mirroring , and online hot-spare   memory . Memory mirroring  works much like disk mirroring. The total memory is divided into two channels. Data iswritten concurrently to both channels. If a DIMM fails in one of the DIMMs in the primary channel, it isinstantly disabled and the mirrored (backup) memory in the other channel becomes active (primary) untilthe failing DIMM is replaced. Mirroring can be accomplished with multiples of four  DIMMs (one pair permemory channel).When online    hot-spare memory  is enabled, using single and/or dual-rank DIMMs one rank is set aside perchannel as online spares in case one of the other ranks in that channel fails. The spare rank must have capacity at least that of the largest active rank. (In other words, if a combination of 2GB and 4GB DIMMsare used in a branch, one rank on each 4GB DIMM will be used for sparing.) In an x3500 with 48GB  installed, up to 40GB (using 12 dual  -rank 4GB DIMMs) of memory is available when the hot-spare featureis active.Either of these features requires operating system support.When multiples of four DIMMs (4/8/12) are installed, the x3500 operates in four-way interleaved mode,for higher performance. When only two DIMMs are used, the system defaults to two-way interleaved  mode.DIMMs must be installed in pairs. Memory is available in kits consisting of two    512MB , 1GB, 2GB or 4GB  DIMMs.   Hot-Swap/Redundant Components System availability is maximized through the extensive use of hot-swap and redundant components,including:   ã   Redundant memory protection (with online hot-spare memory or memory mirroring enabled) ã   Hot-swap, redundant hard disk drives (with RAID-1/10/1E/5/6 protection) ã   Hot-swap, redundant power supplies   ã   Hot-swap, redundant cooling fans (optional) High-Performance Adapter Slots The x3500 provides two x8 (“by 8”) 4GBps   PCIe (PCI Express)   full-length/full-height adapter slots( Slots 2 and 3 ). Each is capable of supporting x1/x4/x8 adapters at full speed. Slot   1 is a half-length/full-height x4 (2GBps) PCIe slot; Slots 4 and 5 are full-length/full-height (1GBps) 133MHz PCIx slots, and Slot 6 is a half-length/full-height 33MHz legacy PCI slot. PCI-Express is a high-performance, low-latency, next-generation serial I/O bus that is rapidly replacingthe older parallel PCI and PCIx buses. A x8 PCIe adapter offers approximately four times  the maximumthroughput of a 133MHz PCIx adapter 4 .(A x1 adapter offers throughput similar to a 66MHz PCIx slot.)Because the SAS , ServeRAID-8k , dual Gigabit Ethernet , systems management and video controllersare integrated onto the system board, the six adapter slots are all available  , which offers you a widedegree of latitude in expansion options. 4 Actual throughput will depend on the adapter vendor’s implementation. Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information. 4
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