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XMl Documents for Learn
   SAQ01Which of the following is a rule for creating a well- formed XML document?1,Every element must have an attribute, which provides additional information about the element.2,Every XML document must contain parent and child elements.3,Every empty element must be closed using a forward slash (/) before the closing angular bracket.4,Elements must overlap. Answer-3 SAQ02Which component of an XML document is used to provide additional information about elements?1,Processing instruction2,Tag 3,Entity4,Attribute Answer-4 SAQ03Which component of an XML document providesthe information about the encoding scheme used in  the XML document?1,Processing instruction2,Element 3,Entity4,Attribute Answer-1 SAQ04Which component of an XML document provides ashortcut to a chunk of data?1,Processing instruction2,Element 3,Entity4,Attribute Answer-3 SAQ05Which of the following statements is true about entities?1,An entity provides additional information about the elements used in an XML document.2,An entity is used to identify and describe data inan XML document.3,An entity is the information that is represented byelements in an XML document.  4,An entity is a name that is associated with a block of data. Answer-4  SAQ06 The details about customers of an e-Commerce portal site are stored in an XML document. Whichone of the following should you use to check whether the document conforms to the DTD or not?1,Expat, which is a validating parser 2,MSXML, which is a validating parser 3,Expat, which is a non-validating parser 4,MSXML, which is a non-validating parser  Answer-2 SAQ07 What does the “+” symbol in the content model in a DTD indicate?1,An element can occur only once.2,An element can occur zero or multiple times.3,An element must occur at least once and therecan be multiple occurrences.4,An element has to occur in a specific order. Answer-3   SAQ08Which of the following value types allows you tospecify a list of valid values that can be assigned toan attribute?1,ID2,FIXED3,Enumerated 4,PCDATA Answer-3 SAQ09Which of the following is NOT a valid element name?1,<Student.Data>2,<Student-Data>3,<Student_Data>4,<Student#Data> Answer-4 SAQ10What does the “?” symbol in the content model of an element declaration in a DTD indicate?1,The element is mandatory and can appear onlyonce in the corresponding XML document.2,The element can occur zero or multiple times inthe corresponding XML document.
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