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1. X–Lite 3.0User Guide 2. CounterPath X-Lite 3.0Copyright © 2006 CounterPath Solutions, Inc.CounterPath Solutions, Inc.Floor 8, 100 West Pender St.Vancouver, BC…
  • 1. X–Lite 3.0User Guide
  • 2. CounterPath X-Lite 3.0Copyright © 2006 CounterPath Solutions, Inc.CounterPath Solutions, Inc.Floor 8, 100 West Pender St.Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 1R8Tel: 1.604.878.0440www.counterpath.comsales@counterpath.comThis document contains information proprietary to CounterPath Solutions, Inc., and shall not be used forengineering, design, procurement, or manufacture, in whole or in part, without the consent of CounterPathSolutions, Inc.CounterPath, X-Lite, and the logo are trademarks of CounterPath Solutions, Inc.The content of this publication is intended to demonstrate typical uses and capabilities of the X-Lite softphoneapplication from CounterPath Solutions, Inc. Users of this material must determine for themselves whether theinformation contained herein applies to a particular IP-based networking system.CounterPath makes no warranty regarding the content of this document, including—but not limited to—impliedwarranties of fitness for any particular purpose.In no case will CounterPath or persons involved in the production of this documented material be liable for anyincidental, indirect or otherwise consequential damage or loss that may result after the use of this publication.This document corresponds to X-Lite version 3.0. i
  • 3. CounterPath X-Lite 3.01 Introduction1.1 What is X-Lite?X–Lite 3.0 is CounterPath’s next-generation softphone client, offering users all the productivity of a traditionaltelephone with desktop and mobile computer enhancements. From a simple click of a mouse button or tap onthe keyboard users can dial, answer, or otherwise manage calls and personal availability. Whether over wired orwireless connections, X-Lite supports a variety of headset devices to augment the modern telephonyexperience, severing the restrictive tethers of traditional, limited telephone receivers.Designed to work over IP-based systems, X-Lite provides endpoint VoIP solutions that use internet-basedtelephony servers within an enterprise LAN (Local Area Network) or VoIP service provider network.Standard Telephone FeaturesThe X-Lite 3.0 softphone has all the standard telephone features, including: • Two lines • Call display and Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) • Speakerphone • Mute • Redial • Hold • Do not disturb • Call ignore • Call history – list of received, missed, dialed and blocked calls • Call forward • Call record • Three-way audio and video conferencing.Enhanced Features and FunctionsThe X-Lite 3.0 softphone also supports the following VoIP features and functions: • Instant messaging and presence using the SIMPLE protocol. • Managed Contacts list—importing and exporting contacts between X-Lite and other applications. • Support for Intel® Centrino® Mobile technology, allowing X-Lite to provide more consistent quality of service across both wired and wireless networks using industry standards such as 802.11e. • “Zero touch” configuration of audio and video devices; no manual setup is required. • “Zero touch” detection of the bandwidth that a user’s computer can access for communication. • Acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, voice activity detection. • Support for the following audio codecs: Broadvoice-32, Broadvoice-32 FEC, G.711aLaw, G.711uLaw, GSM, iLBC, L16 PCM Wideband. For more information about audio codecs, see page 36. • Support for the following video codecs: H.263, H.263 1998. For more information about video codecs, see page 37. • Automatic selection of the best codec based on the remote party’s capability, available bandwidth, and network conditions. X-Lite switches codecs during a call in response to changing network conditions. • Compliance with the RFC 3261 SIP standard. • STUN and ICE NAT traversal. XTunnels for firewall traversal. • Support for DTMF (RFC 2833, inband DTMF or SIP INFO messages). 1
  • 4. CounterPath X-Lite 3.02 Installation and Setup2.1 Getting ReadyObtaining Information from a VoIP Service ProviderAfter choosing a VoIP service provider, users will require specific account information to populate thefollowing X-Lite settings: • User name • Password • Authorization Name • Domain • Proxy address and port* • STUN server address and port* • XTunnels server address and port* * value not used by all VoIP service providersSystem Requirements Minimum OptimalProcessor Intel® Pentium III Intel® Pentium 4® 700 MHz or equivalent 2.0 GHz or equivalentMemory 256 MB RAM 256 MB RAMHard Disk Space 30 MB 30 MBOperating System Windows® 2000 Windows® XPConnection IP network connection (e.g. broadband, LAN, wireless)Sound Card Full-duplex, 16-bitMultimedia Device RequirementsX-Lite requires users to have both speakers and a microphone for placing and accepting calls. Any of thefollowing configurations are acceptable: • External speakers and microphone • Built-in speakers and microphone • Dual-jack multimedia headset • Bluetooth® multimedia headset • USB multimedia headset • USB phone. 2
  • 5. CounterPath X-Lite 3.0Optimized DevicesX-Lite is optimized to work with the following devices: • Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard • Clarisys Claritel i750 • GN Netcom GN 8120 USB and GN Netcom 8110 USBXP • Plantronics CS50-USB Wireless Office Headset System • TigerJet RJ11 to USB Phone Adaptor (incorporating the Tiger560C) • TigerJet USB Phone Set (incorporating the Tiger560C) • VoIP Voice Cyberphone (V550MLR USB Phone) • VoIP Voice Cyberphone K (V652VVMLR USB Phone) • Legerity PhonePort™ PCI card • Intel® 600SM PCI card.Video CamerasCalls made with X-Lite will work without a video camera, although a camera is necessary for sending real-timeimages to remote parties. X-Lite supports most USB video cameras.2.2 Installing X-Lite1. Run the X-Lite setup executable file and follow the prompts from the install wizard.2. At the final step of the wizard, check the Launch X-Lite checkbox to start using the softphone.3. Click Finish to complete the installation. 3
  • 6. CounterPath X-Lite 3.0Auto UpdateUpon startup, X-Lite will check for updates and—if found—will prompt users for authorization to install them.Uninstalling X-LiteUninstall X-Lite like any other program: launch the Windows Control Panel from the Start menu, then selectAdd or Remove Programs. Follow the prompts.2.3 Configuring X-Lite1. Start X-Lite by using the Windows Start menu or by double-clicking the desktop icon.2. The Call display shows Initializing, followed by Discovering network and Awaiting proxy login information. Users must set up at least one account before using X-Lite to place or receive calls. For information about account setup, see “Setting up Accounts” below.3. To use an account for VoIP communication, the account must be enabled within the X-Lite client.To enable an account, click at the top of the softphone, choose SIP Account Settings and select the Enable checkbox for the desired account. For more information about enabling accounts, see page 42.Setting up Accounts 4
  • 7. CounterPath X-Lite 3.01. Create the account: click at the top of the softphone and choose SIP Account Settings. Click Add. The Properties of Account window appears.2. Under the Account tab, complete the fields within the User Details area.3. For the remaining tabs, default settings are acceptable, or users can change them to suit a particular setup. Settings that may need immediate changes include: • Under the Account tab, fields within the Domain Proxy area. • Under the Topology tab, settings to help X-Lite traverse NATs and firewalls.For further details about the Account Settings window, see “SIP Account Settings” on page 42.2.4 Setting up VoicemailVoIP service providers may offer voicemail as a complement to their regular phone services. Users with accessto voicemail-enbaled accounts can set up certain voicemail features within the X-Lite softphone client (see“Account Properties – Voicemail” on page 45). In particular: • To enable connecting to voicemail by clicking on the Call display, X-Lite users must access the Voicemail tab of their SIP account’s properties dialog (see above) and then enter appropriate information within the Number to dial for checking voicemail field. • To enable sending incoming calls to voicemail by clicking on the Call display, X-Lite users must complete the Number for sending calls to voicemail field under the Voicemail tab.2.5 Setting up a Contacts ListUsing a Contacts list is the most efficient way to place calls. Users can set up contacts in several ways: • During a call, users can add a remote party to their Contacts list (see “Add to Contacts List” on page 11). • Users can add entries to the Contacts list one by one (see “Adding a Contact” on page 17). • Users can import a Contacts list from an existing file or from another application (see “Importing Contacts” on page 19).For general information about contacts (see “Contacts Tab” on page 16). 5
  • 8. CounterPath X-Lite 3.03 Using the Softphone3.1 The On-screen Display Video Drawer Display and Dialpad Calls & Contacts Drawer MinimizeAdjust Camera Menu Close Availability Dial Hang up Microphone Control Speaker Control Auto Answer, Auto Conference Do Not Disturb, Conference 6
  • 9. CounterPath X-Lite 3.0DisplayThe following information and icons may appear on the Call display:When the phone is ringing with an incoming call, click The duration of the Message area: During a call, this area may showhere to ignore. X-Lite stops ringing, and a message current or last call. account balances (hours or currency). Contactappears to the remote caller advising that the call could the appropriate VoIP service provider for details.not be established.When the phone is ringing with an incoming Indicates that there are new Click to add thiscall, click here to send the call to voicemail. voicemail messages. Click this icon caller to the ContactsVoIP service providers have details about to access voicemail. list (see page 16 fortheir voicemail options (i.e. voicemail is not If clicking this icon does not connect information aboutpart of X-Lite’s inherent functionality). to voicemail, X-Lite’s voicemail Contacts lists).If this icon does not appear for incoming settings are not configured properlycalls, X-Lite’s voicemail settings are not (see “Account Properties –configured properly (see “Account Voicemail” on page 45.Properties – Voicemail” on page 45). When a call is in progress, this icon indicates that: • – the user is talking Indicates that the user has missed • – the user is not talking an incoming call. To clear the icon, • – MUTE is on click on the call area within the Missed Calls list of the Calls & Contacts drawer.Video DrawerTo display the Video drawer, click the black button toward the extreme left edge of the softphone application.Click the same black button to hide the drawer. Users can click the button to display the operatingsystem’s standard window for setting camera properties (this is not an X-Lite window).To detach the drawer, click the button; to reattach the drawer, click the button.The Video drawer has two panels. The top panel shows incoming video (video from the remote party). Thelower panel shows outgoing video. The button starts and stops transmission of local video.Advertisement WindowWhen users have the Video Drawer open but are not engaged in a video call, X-Lite displays advertisementswithin the top half of the panel (i.e. where X-Lite displays remote video during a video call). 7
  • 10. CounterPath X-Lite 3.0Calls & Contacts DrawerTo display the Contacts drawer, click the black button toward the extreme right edge of the softphoneapplication.This drawer displays a user’s Contacts lists, lists of recent calls, and availability information (i.e. presence) forboth the user and contacts. For more information, see page 15.3.2 Starting X-Lite1. Start X-Lite by using the Windows Start menu or by double-clicking the desktop icon. Note that users can have X-Lite running at the same time as they are running eyeBeam—CounterPath’s retail softphone available for purchase at http://counterpath.com.2. Take an appropriate action: • If the user has enabled an account, the next message displayed will be Registering. X-Lite attempts to log into every enabled account, and when login is complete, the Call display shows Ready. Your username is. • If the user has not enabled an account, the SIP Accounts window will appear. Enable an account; X-Lite will designate that account as the default. For information about enabling accounts, see “SIP Accounts” on page 42. • If the user has set up no account, the final message will be Awaiting proxy login information. For information about setting up an account, see “Configuring X-Lite” on page 4.When logged in to an account, the Call display will show Ready - Your username is.For more information about accounts, see “Rules for Enabled Accounts and Default Account” on page 43.Showing and Hiding the SoftphoneAfter clicking to minimize the softphone application, users will still be able to receive calls.After exiting the application while the softphone is minimized, X-Lite will start minimized for the next session.Users can specify that X-Lite should provide visual cues whenever a call arrives while the softphone isminimized or covered by another application. See “Options – General – Alerts and Sounds” on page 32.Receiving a New Contact RequestIf local presence availability is enabled, users can receive a New Contact Request dialog box at any time whileX-Lite is running. For information about such requests, see “Availability” on page 22. 8
  • 11. CounterPath X-Lite 3.03.3 Placing a CallUsers can place calls to a remote party using: • A SIP address (e.g. kpereira@domainabc.com) • A traditional phone number (if the VoIP service provider for the account supports PSTN gateways) Method DescriptionKeying 1. Enter the SIP address or number in the Call display using the softphone keypad or the computer keyboard. • Enter the entire SIP username (kpereira@domainabc.com) or just the name (kpereira). • If the “Turn Letters Into Digits” feature is enabled, X-Lite converts letters that a user types into corresponding numbers from the dialpad. Click Clear, then press the keyboard’s spacebar and try typing again (see “Options – General – Application” on page 30 for details). 2. Click or press Enter to dial.Partial keying After keying in part of a number, X-Lite may suggest additional text for completing the entry. Press Tab to accept the suggestion or continue typing the desired number. Click or press Enter to dial.Drag-and-drop Drag an entry from the Contacts tab or any of the lists in the Calls tab to the Call display (for information about the Calls & Contacts drawer, see page 15). If the Contacts list contains numerous contacts, use the field to filter the list, then drag the entry.Right clicking Right-click an entry on the Contacts tab or any of the lists in the Calls tab, and choose Phone this Person (for information about the Calls & Contacts drawer, see page 15). If the Contacts list contains numerous contacts, use the field to filter the list, then right-click the entry.Redialing Click Redial.If users have Call Alerts turned on, the Call Alert box will appear at thebottom of the screen to announce incoming calls. For information aboutturning on alerts, see page 32.Users will hear a ringing tone while X-Lite attempts to make aconnection.Ending a CallTo hang up, click on the Call display or Call Alert box, or press Esc on the keyboard. Details of the callremain on the Call display. To clear the Call display, click Clear.Note that selecting another line puts an existing call on hold without hanging up.3.4 Answering a CallX-Lite must be running to answer incoming calls. (If X-Lite is not running, incoming calls may be directed tovoicemail).The softphone rings and the line of the incoming call lights up. If Call Alerts are on, the Call Alert box appears.If the Bring To Front feature is enabled, the phone comes to the front of the screen above all other runningapplications. For information about alerts and bring-to-front functionality, see page 32. 9
  • 12. CounterPath X-Lite 3.0X-Lite displays the SIP address of the person calling. If the SIP address for this person is also in the user’sContacts list, X-Lite converts the SIP address into the display name associated with that address.Users can answer calls in any of three ways: • Click on the softphone or on the Call Alert box. • Click the appropriate line number on the softphone. • If X-Lite is the active application, press Enter on the keyboard.Users can ignore calls in any of three ways: • Click on the Call display or on the Call Alert box; a message appears to the caller advising that the call could not be established. The phone stops ringing, and the call is added to the Received Calls list. • Click on the Call display to send the call to voicemail. Voicemail access is a VoIP service provider option, not one of X-Lite’s integrated features. • Ignore the ringing until X-Lite sends the call to voicemail.Users can also ban any caller, as follows: • Click on the Call display; X-Lite adds the call to the Received Calls list. • Within the Received Calls list, right-click the entry X-Lite added and select Ban this Person.Ending a CallTo hang up, click on the Call display or Call Alert box, or press Esc on the keyboard. Details of the callremain on the Call display. To clear the Call display, click Clear.Note that selecting another line puts an existing call on hold without hanging up.3.5 Handling a CallWhile the Call Is in ProgressVideoClick Start on the Video drawer to transmit video to the remote party. If the remote party has enabled video attheir end, users will see them in the top half of the video panel.Adjusting VolumeUse the microphone slider to adjust the volume of outgoing voice. Use the speaker slider to adjust the volumeof incoming sound.MuteClick on the dial pad to mute local sounds and prevent them from reaching remote parties. The iconwill appear within the Call display. While sound is muted, users may wish to stop any local video feed as well.SpeakerphoneClick on the dial pad to put a caller (or callers within a conference call) on the speaker phone. Note thatusers must have a speakerphone device configured before accessing this feature. 10
  • 13. CounterPath X-Lite 3.0Call RecordClick REC at any time to record a call. Click REC again to stop recording. X-Lite saves recordings as .wavfiles for audio and .avi files for video, placing them in the location specified under Options → Application.Call InformationTo view information such as the current codecs in use, hover over the line button (e.g. Line 1) on which the callis being made. Information appears as a tool tip.Add to Contacts ListAt any time during a call, users can click on the Call display to add the remote party to their Contacts list. Forinformation about the fields within the dialog box and about the Contacts list in general, see page 17.Placing a Call on HoldClick Hold or click any line.To resume a call, click the line that is on hold.AA – Auto AnswerClick AA on the dialpad to automatically answer calls as they come in.FlashThe Flash button on X-Lite works the same way as Flash or Link works on a traditional telephone.Click Flash on the dialpad. • If a call is active, clicking Flash will provide a new line and place the active call on hold. • If a new incoming call is ringing, clicking Flash will answer the call. • If a line is on hold, clicking Flash will pick up the line.Note: exact functionality depends on VoIP service provider support for Flash.Sending to Voicemail, DND, and Call ForwardingSending to VoicemailUsers can send any incoming call to voicemail by clicking on the Call display.Users can access voicemail messages by clicking the on the Call display (X-Lite displays this icon onlywhen there are new messages).For important information about voicemail functionality, see “Setting u
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