Workers Vanguard No 696 - 11 September 1998

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  WfJIIIlEIiS 'AN AIID 0t No. 696 ~~3 11 September 1998 Chaos in Russia, Dep-ression in East Asia Wall Street Bubble Bursts Stock prices plunge amid growing financial turmoil around the world: Russians throng Moscow bank (left), Japan sinks deeper into recession. SEPTEMBER 6- The sharp plunge instock prices last Monday, the steepestpoint decline since the record-setting fallof last October's Black Monday, senttremors coursing through the international financial circuit. The tabloid New York Post (1 September) blared, KissYour Assets Goodbye! The chief economist for the giant Wall Street firm of Morgan Stanley talked of a sense of despairand desperation in financial markets.The London Economist (5 September)pointed to mounting concern that theturmoil in emerging markets will end inworldwide depression. The immediate trigger for the collapsecame when Russia's months-long financial disintegration turned into a totalmeltdown in mid-August. The bankruptcy of the regime of President Boris Yeltsin-in every respect-is manifest.As the ruble has dropped in value againstthe dollar by nearly two-thirds, bankshave been besieged by angry crowdsseeking to get out what money they can,while the already impoverished populace is frantically trying to buy any food andother necessities they can. Yesterday,the head of the country's central bankquit and the Russian parliament rejectedfor the second time Yeltsin's bid toreappoint Viktor Chernomyrdin as primeminister. Chernomyrdin fumed that thecountry was on the verge of going up inflames. Coming on top of the East Asian economic crash and the deepening recessionin Japan, the Russian collapse sowedpanic in stock markets around the globe,leading to plunges over the past two anda half weeks ranging from 9 percent in Tokyo to 14 percent in Frankfurt and 32percent in Rio de Janeiro. But as a number of commentators have pointed out,Russia's real weight in the world economy cannot account for what has beenhappening to stock markets from EastAsia to South America and Wall Street except perhaps as an irrational overreaction. Russia's entire annual output, atpresent exchange rates, is smaller than continued on page 9 Kim Oae Jung Enforces IMF Austerity South Korea Regime Orders Brutal Cop Attack on Strikers u.s. Troops Out of Korea! SEPTEMBER 5-Some 10,000 SouthKorean riot police stormed six MandoMachinery auto parts plants two days ago to drive out workers occupying the factories. Cops hauled off up to 1,600 strikers in two plants alone, including union leaders,and bloodied untold numbers of workers.This brutal assault was ordered by SouthKorean president Kim Dae lung in order to break the IS-day strike against threatenedmass layoffs at the country's largest autoparts supplier. Coming amid a wave of worker unrest against layoffs and other 7 25274 11 81030 J7 attacks dictated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout of the crisisridden South Korean economy, this massive cop strikebreaking was a warning bythe Kim regime to the whole of the SouthKorean proletariat. ~ Kim's election as president last December was hailed by a host of leftists and liberals in South Korea and in the West as avictory for democracy. Kim won hisspurs as a reformer while he was a political prisoner under the former U.S.-backedmilitary dictatorship. But he came to officewith the solid backing of U.S. imperialism.A White House spokesman hailed his election as a big opportunity, while the New York Times (20 December 1997) declared-that his credibility with the unions puthim in a good position to convince his continued on page 11 Reuters Massive police assault unleashed by Kim Oae Jung government todrive out strikers occupying auto parts plant in Asan, South Korea,September 3.  Full Citizenship Rights for All Immigrants! South Africa: Protest Lynch Mob Murder of Immigrants! JOHANNESBURG, September 6- Threedays ago, a rabid mob, whipped into a frenz;y against fore igners at a rally of unemployed in Pretoria, brutally murdered three immigrants from other African countries on a commuter train. The'immigrants were chased through the train by thugs wielding sjamboks (leatherwhips). A Mozambican man was thrownfrom a window and killed by an oncoming train. Two Senegalese men were electrocuted and burned alive after they triedto escape their attackers on the roof of thetrain.These horrific anti-immigrant lynchings cry out for a mass protest mobilising the power of labour in defence of immigrant rights. This should be aimedagainst the neo-apartheid regime of thebourgeois-nationalist African NationalCongress (ANC), which has orchestratedand manipulated a xenophobic backlashagainst immigrant workers. SpartacistSouth Africa, section of the InternationalCommunist League, calls for a proletariancentred fight for full citizenship rights forall immigrants!At every level of society, immigrants.are under vicious attack in the new South Africa. The apartheid sjambok and pass are now used against migrantsfrom throughout the continent. Massroundups of immigrants stacked into cattle cars are routine, while top echelons of the ANC Women's League make thousands of rands by running the Lindeladeportation centre in Randfontein. Hawkers in the Johannesburg area have beenharassed, beaten up and had their waresconfiscated by jobless rivals. Police aidwhite racist farmers by deporting immigrant workers at month's end, just beforepayday. Inkatha Freedom Party tribalistchief Gatsha Buthelezi runs point for theANC at the Ministry of Home Affairs,deporting an increasing number of Human Labor and the Dialectics of Nature TROTSKY The development of human civilization,especially since the Industrial Revolutionbeginning in the late 18th century, hasbrought about significant and unanticipatedchanges in the natural environment. Today, bourgeois politicians and intellectuals voiceconcern over environmental problems, someeven speaking of looming ecological catastrophe, but offer no solution other than, at best, ineffectual reforms within the frame LENIN migrants, with nearly 200,000 peoplekicked out last year.In the 1994 elections which installedNelson Mandela in power, many immigrants had been granted temporary identification papers and voter cards andencouraged to vote. But when they cameto collect permanent identity documents after the vote, they were arrestedand deported. Mandela's government a nationalist popular front based on a tripartite alliance with the South AfricanCommunist Party (SACP) and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)-has become the primarypolitical agent for the Randlord capitalists and their senior partners on WallStreet and in the City of London financialcentre. With its one nation rhetoric, theANC consciously pits indigenous SouthAfricans against immigrant workers inorder to divert attention from the realenemy: neo-apartheid capitalism, underwhich the overwhelming majority of thepopulation is kept in desperate povertyand blacks remain at the bottom.South African capitalism has longrelied heavily on migrant workers, coming mostly from Mozambique, Lesotho,Zimbabwe and Swaziland, who form astrategic component of labour in the goldand diamond mines. The dirtiest jobsin the mines, as well as on constructionsites and farms, are derisively known as Maputo work, a reference to the capital of Mozambique. Following the ANC'selection in 1994, South Africa became amagnet for immigrants from across thecontinent looking for jobs and shelter.Impelled by poverty and desperation,many continue to risk being killed bycrocodiles in the Limpopo River ormauled to death by lions in Kruger Parkas they seek entry into the country.Many migrants arrive from neighbouring countries that sheltered South African exiles during the anti-apartheid struggle. Some are refugees from war andfamine in places like Rwanda, Nigeriaand Congo-countries where the SouthAfrican bourgeoisie has sought to playa role as the junior partners of U.S. imperialism, brekering imperialist deals in therenewed neocolonial scramble for Africa.Many of these immigrants strongly identified with the ANC, seeing it as theleader in the struggle against apartheid.Defence Minister Joe Modise, a formermember of the ANC's guerrilla wing,Umkhonto We Sizwe, now recommendscranking up the voltage on South Africa'selectrified border fences to lethal mode. The fight against anti-immigrant terrormust be linked to the struggle to build aLeninist party which will mobilise theproletariat against all forms of oppressionand exploitation, including organising theunemployed. In a country where official unemployment among the blackmajority hovers at 50 per cent, there is a. real danger that the jobless poor can berecruited as strikebreakers against theunions. A march in Pretoria led by Unemployed Masses of South Africa, with placards reading We want jobs, not foreigners, was the immediate inspiration forthe brutal murder of the three immigrants. Yet desperate immigrants are only thefirs t target.Demagogic nationalistANC politicianshave sought to turn popular sympathyagainst the trade unions by portrayingthem as defending a privileged minority of black workers. This is a lie! U nionisedblack workers-like black workers as a whole-typically use much of their payto help support unemployed relatives inboth the townships and the countryside. It is the ANC and its partner, the reformistSACP, which defend the interests of thetruly privileged minority in South Africa:the white financiers, industrialists, mineowners and landlords.A class-struggle leadership in the trade continued on page II work of he profit-driven capitalist system. In addressing the interrelationship betweenhuman labor and the natural environment from the standpoint of historical materialism,more than a century ago Friedrich Engels stressed the need for proletarian revolution,which would lay the basis for an internationally planned socialist economy to replacethe anarchy of capitalist production. The animal merely uses its environment, and brings about changes in it simply by itspresence; man by his changes makes it serve his ends, masters it. This is the final,essential distinction between man and other animals, and once again it is labour thatbrings about this distinction .... SpartaCjst~ Events It required the labour of thousands of years for us to learn a little of how to calculatethe more remote natural effects of our actions in the field of production, but it has beenstill more difficult in regard to the more remote social effects of these actions .... Themen who in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries laboured to create the steamengine had no idea that they were preparing the instrument which more than any otherwas to revolutionise social relations throughout the world. Especially in Europe, by concentrating wealth in the hands of a minority and dispossessing the huge majority, thisinstrument was destined at first to give social and political domination to the bourgeoisie, but later, to give rise to a class struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariatwhich can end only in the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the abolition of all class antagonisms.-But in this sphere too, by long and often cruel experience and by collecting and analysing historical material; we are gradually learning to get a clear view of the indirect, more remote social effects of our production activity, and so are affordedan opportunity to control and regulate these effects as well.This regulation, however, requires something more than mere knowledge. It requiresa complete revolution in our hitherto existing mode of production, and simultaneouslya revolution in our whole contemporary social order. 2 -Friedrich Engels, Dialectics of Nature, Marx and Engels Collected Works, Vol. 25 (1987) ! ~ ~ / ! ~ ' ! ! o r . . ~ ! ~ ! ~ r ! . ' ! . .  ~ EDITOR: Len MeyersEDITOR, YOUNG SPARTACUS PAGES: Jacob ZornPRODUCTION MANAGER: Susan FullerCIRCULATION MANAGER: Jane PattersonEDITORIAL BOARD: Ray Bishop (managing editor), Bruce Andre, Helene Brosius, George Foster,Liz Gordon, Frank Hunter, Jane Kerrigan, James Robertson, Joseph Seymour, Alison SpencerThe Spartacist League is the U.S. Section of the International Communist League (FourthInternationalist) Workers Vanguard (ISSN 0276·0746) published biweekly, except skipping three alternate issues in June, July andAugust (beginning with omitting the second issue in June) and with a 3·week interval in December, by the SpartacistPublishing Co., 299 Broadway, Suite 318. New York.NY 10007. 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Vendetta MumiaAbu-Jamal blatant that even the Court of Appealsjudges recognized the prison authorities' investigation as political retaliation aimed at silencing him. These judges arefarfrom sympathetic to the cause of prisoners' rights, particularly those of an outspoken black radical. That eventhey could see the police forces of the EO.P. behind the punitive actions against Jamal by prison officials is a stunning, albeitunintended, confirmation of the whole state frame-up machine which had tar geted Jamalfromthe time he was a 15- year-old spokesman for the Black Pan ther Party. This vendetta continued whenJamal was a widely known journalist who eloquently exposed the racist realityof daily life in America, particularly the brutal cop attacks on the MOVE organization. It culminated in his being falselyconvicted and sentenced to death in 1982. Wins Important Legal Victory We print below a press release issuedby the Partisan Defense Committee onAugust 28. On August 25, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals found that the PennsylvaniaDepartment of Corrections had violatedthe First and Fourteenth Amendmentrights of black death row political prisoner Mumia Abl,l-Jamal. The court decision stemmed from a federal civil rightslawsuit filed by Jamal in 1995 chargingPennsylvania prison officials with punishing him for publishing his powerfulprison writings.Arguing that prison officials had subjected Jamal to irreparable harm throughan investigation -in which they inter- Publication of Jamal's powerfuldeath row commentaries in 1995 enragedcopsandprisonauthorities intenton silencing him. cepted and opened his privileged legalcorrespondence with his defense lawyers, the court ruled that they be orderedto stop any further investigation of Jamaland desist in punitive actions againsthim. At the same time, in a blow againstthe ability of Jamal to fight for his lifeand his freedom, the Court of Appeals Just Out! The International CommunistLeague makes available thepolemics of its opponentson the left Publication of Spartacist South Africa No_ 1 $2 (36 pages) Order from/make checks payable to: Spartacist Publishing Co.Box 1377 GPO New York, NY 10116 11 SEPTEMBER 1998 ruling denies him access to attorneydesignated paralegals, whose visits began being blocked at the same time thatthe prison authorities were launchingtheir efforts to gag Jamal.The Department of Corrections arguedthat rules against inmates conducting business gave prison officials the rightto open Jamal's attorney mail and to subject him to disciplinary actions. Bluntlydismissing this argument as nonsensical, the Court of Appeals ruling states: We have difficulty seeing the need toinvestigate an act that Jamal openly confesses he is doing. Jamal's writing ispublished, and he freely admits his intentto continue. Continued investigation andenforcement of the rule invades the privacy of his legal mail and thus directlyinterferes with his ability to communicate with counsel. Pointing out that Jamal worked as ajournalist before his conviction, and thathis writings continued to be published inmore than 40 publications after he wasimprisoned on death row, the decisionnotes that the prison authorities' investigation of Jamal's writings and broadcastsonly began in 1994, following interviews of Jamal by National Public Radio(NPR). The ruling argues that prisonauthorities did not claim to be burdenedby his actions until the Fraternal Order of Police [FO.P.] outcry in 1994, and thatthey did so because of the content of Jamal's writing, not because he was beingpaid for it. Following the publication of Jamal'sbook, Live from Death Row, in 1995,prison authorities denied Jamal access tothe press or other media from Februarythrough September of that year. Duringthis period, a death warrant was signedagainst Jamal. Prison officials were intercepting, opening and reading Jamal's cor r~spondence with his defense attorneys,copying these letters and sending them tothe assistant general c.ounsel of theDepartment of Corrections. The Court of Appeals ruling notes that even though theprison officials' attorney concluded thatthese letters were not relevant to theinvestigation, he nonetheless sent them tothe Office of General Counsel, the officecharged with advising the Governor of Hate Trotskyism, Hate the Spartaclsts -.;. ......... -- NllalW!1 Alteplyto the Workers International vanguard League ............... UtP'. $out!) A/rIQo t.1MIp' --- ........ .607 ...... - Open 14IItet to .. Spas-. ............ NIIUonaI Centn.1 c:om..m.. or ilia ' ............,v....- ........ -- ' __ __ -A Aep/y1O ilia '- ~ taQgunf ..eagW ... .,.......-_ .......... =-= - ... = '=!::-- w::: - .--~_i.Ulb ã ... ' .. _- COC Productions Pennsylvania on, among other things,signing death warrants. In June 1995, Pennsylvania governorTom Ridge si~ned the execution warrantagainst Jamal just as defense attorneyswere filing a petition to overturn his 1982conviction on frame-up charges of killingPhiladelphia policeman Daniel Faulkner.During Jamal's appeal hearing that summer, Judge Sabo and the prosecutionrepeatedly accused Jamal of deliberatelywaiting until the death warrant wassigned before filing his appeal papers.This claim was exposed as a fabrication ina previous ruling on Jamal's civil suit bydistrict court judge Donetta Ambrose.Ambrose acknowledged that the prisonauthorities' actions led to a delay in filingthese papers because of the unwillingness of counsel and of Plaintiff [Jamal] tocommunicate freely by mail after havingbeen informed that legal mail had beenopened by prison officials. Pittsburgh attorney Jere Krakoff, whotogether with Tim O'Brien represented'Jamal in his civil suit, spoke to the importance of the court's recognition of the violation of Jamal's First Amendment rightsas a writer. As Krakoff noted: It's anextraordinarily important principle notonly for Jamal but for all prisoners andfor all society at large to hear fromJamal. As Richard Genova of the Partisan Defense Committee, which has beenactive in Jamal's defense for the pastdecade, said: . At a time when the state is -strippingprisoners of virtually any and all con stitutional rights, the political vendetta waged by the state against Jamal is so JUST OUT! Contents include:ã Mumia Abu-Jamal'sLife of Struggleã Court Hearings:New Evidence of Frame-Up ã From Death Row,This Is Mumia Abu-Jamal La Amistad andAmerican Law ã The Frame-Up ofMumia Abu-Jamalã For Non-Sectarian,Class-Struggle Defense!ã Death Row SpeedupTargets Minoritiesã Ph illy Cops' Reign of Terrorã Desperation, Segregationand the Ebonies Controversyã Down With English Only Racism!ã Coleman Young:From CIO Union Organizerto Overseer for Auto Bosses In 1994, NPR caved in to the FO.P.'sfrenzied campaign against Jamal andrefused to air Jamal's commentaries. Today again, the FO.P. and its supportersare revving up their campaign for Jamal'sdeath, publishing a full-page ad in the New York Times (14 June) demanding thathe be killed. The cops and prison authorities want to silence Jamal in order tomake it easier to kill him. An articulateand compassionate black man who eloquently describes the horrors of this barbaric system of injustice, Jamal's writingsand broadcasts give the lie to the racist·propaganda justifying executions with theclaim that those sentenced to death arepsychopathic murderers. As Gene Herson, labor coordinator of the PartisanDefense Committee, argued: While we welcome the Court of Appeals decision, we warn that it should not blind Jamal's supporters as to the nature of the courts as part of the whole state machinery of repression and death. As Mumia continues to struggle and speak out from death row on behalf of the oppressed, it is urgentthat the power of the multiracial labor movement bc actively mobilized in the fight to freethis innocent man and abolish the racistdeath penalty. Jamal's appeal of his conviction is now before the Pennsylvania SupremeCourt. Funds are urgently needed for Jamal's legal defense. Get your union or organization to make a contributionnow to the Bill of Rights Foundation(earmarked Mumia Abu-Jamal LegalDefense ) and mail to: Committee toSave Mumia Abu-Jamal, 163 Amster dam Ave., No. 115, New York, NY 10023-5001. For more information about Jamal's case and about the poe, call (212) 406-4252 or e-mail ã $1 (48 pages) Black History is sent to all Workers Vanguard subscribers Orderfrom: Spartacist Publishing Co., Box 1377 GPO, New York, Ny'10116 3  The Racist Frame-Up Machine ThatSent Jamal to Death Row Philly COPS' Reign of Terror The following is reprinted from thenew issue of Black History and the Class Struggl~ (No. 15, August 1998). This August 8 marked the 20th anniversary of the massive police assault onthe black MOVE commune in Philadelphia's Powelton Village neighborhood.Following a 15-month siege-which included the erection of an eight-foot-highfence sealing off a four-block area-at 6a.m. on that August 1978 morning over600 cops surrounded the MOVE compound. After bringing in a bulldozer to ripdown a stockade fence around the houseand using a crane as a battering ram tobreak down boarded windows, the copsused smoke bombs and water cannons todriveMOVE members and their childrenout of the house.After a single gunshot was heard, thecops lacerated the house with thousands of rounds of ammunition. One of theirown, James Ramp, long a central figurein the Philadelphia Police Department's Stakeout squad, was killed in the policecrossfire. Whe'n the barrage of bulletsstopped, MOVE member Delbert Africacrawled out of a basement window. Suffering from a bullet wound, shirtless, hishands above his head, Delbert Africa wasattacked by heavily armed cops whorepeatedly kicked and stomped on himwhile he lay helpless on the ground.In August 1981, nine MOVE memberswere sentenced to prison terms of 30to 100 years on false charges of killingRamp. Four months later, prominent blackPhilly journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, whohad raised his eloquent voice in defense of MOVE, was arrested and framed up onfalse charges of killing another Philadelphia policeman, Daniel Faulkner. Thefollowing July, Mumia was sentenced todeath. Then on 13 May 1985, the Philly cops-working together with the FBIand the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco andFirearms--came to finish the job they hadstarted in 1978, dropping a bomb onMOVE's Osage Avenue home. Elevenblack people-including five children were killed and an entire black neighborhood reduced to smoldering rubble.Central to everyone of these deadlyracist assaults were the Philadelphia Police Department's notorious red squad -the Civil Affairs (CA) unit-and theStakeout unit, an urban death squad of police sharpshooters. CA inspector GeorgeFencl issued the first warning in the. August 1978 attack on the MOVE house,his voice booming over a cop bullhorn: You have exactly two minutes in whichto come out. Two to three dozen specially trained and heavily armed Stakeoutcops who were positioned close to theMOVE home were then mobilized forthe kill.Seven years later, it was also Stakeoutcops who drove MOVE members backinto the inferno of their burning OsageAvenue home under a hail of gunfire.Among these cops were some of the selfdescribed veterans of '78, includingthose who had viciously beaten DelbertAfrica. As Charles Bowser, a black former deputy mayor who headed the city'swhitewash commission on the MOVEbombing, concluded in his book, Let theBunker Burn: The facts were that some of the police had come to Osage Avenueto kill-to kill by bullets or to kill by fire, but to kill nevertheless. On 9 December 1981, the first cops toarrive at the scene where Mumia AbuJamal lay critically wounded by a bulletfrom Faulkner's gun were Stakeout squadmembers Robert Shoemaker and JamesForbes. The highest-ranking officer onthe scene was Inspector Alfonse Gior- 4 dano, a former Stakeout commander. Apolice report later that night shows thatFencl was also called into the investigation. These cops knew exactly whoMumia was; they had been trying to gethim for years. The Racist Cop VendettaAgainst Jamal Jamal had been in the crosshairs of the CA-formed in the mid-1960s as theCivil Defense (CD) squad-and Stakeoutunits since the age of 14, when he wasbrutally beaten and arrested by the copsfor daring to protest a f968 election campaign appearance in Philly by George Segregation Forever Wallace. At age15, when Mumia became co-founder andMinister of Information of the ~ P h i l a d e l - phi a chapter of the Black Panther Party(BPP), he was placed under daily surveillance by Fencl's CD unit, which closelycollaborated with the FBI's CounterIntelligence Program (COINTELPRO).Indeed, the Philly CD squad served as amodel for the deadly COINTELPROoperation which resulted in the murder of 38 Panthers around the country and theframe-up of hundreds more. In the 800pages of FBI documents obtained byJamal in 1995, report after report list as their source unidentified officers from theCD unit.The Stakeout squad, an elite unitlargely made up of former military men,was put together by then-deputy police commissioner-later police commissioner and mayor-Frank Rizzo inresponse to the eruption of the city'sblack ghetto in 1964. It was formed aspart of the drive by bourgeois stateauthorities to crush any expression of opposition-particularly by blacks-to vicious racism and police brutality.Philly's Stakeout squad was the model for c J! Wide World Above: Capping15-month siege, Stakeout unit andother Philly copslaunched murderousassault on PoweltonVillageMOVE house,August 1978. In May1985, Stakeout copsalso played centralrole in FBI/policefirebombing ofOsage AvenueMOVE home whichkilled eleven people,including fivechildren, anddestroyed entireblack neighborhood. SWAT teams later formed in cities acrossthe United States. Rizzo himself becamean icon of racist law and order amongcops nationwide, particularly for hisattacks against the Black Panther Party.The Stakeout unit was prominent inthe 1970 raids of three BPP offices. WithFencl's CD unit in the lead, 45 heavilyarmed Stakeout cops stripped the Panthers' Wallace Street office bare, evenripping the plumbing from the walls.Outside, Panther members were lined up against the wall and ordered to strip. Inhis book Protectors of Privilege (University of California Press [1990]), FrankDonner notes, The fact that the raiderswere specially chosen for their marks-manship and wore bullet-proof vests, andRizzo's taunting of a number of Panthersas 'yellow' because they dropped theirguns in response to a police order ratherthan engage in battle all suggest that theraids were planned as a pretext to provoke a shoot-out. In other words, theraids were a setup for a kill.As we noted in Mumia Abu-Jamal:The COINTELPRO Files (WV No. 624,2 June 1995): Mumia Abu-Jamal survived the rulers'onslaught against the Black Panther Partyin the late '60s and early '70s. He was notassassinated in his sleep in the dead of night like Chicago Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. He was not then railroaded into a prison hellhole like LosAngeles Panther leader Geronimo ji Jaga(Pratt) who has spent the last 25 years of his life buried alive for a crime that thegovernment knows he did not commit because they had wiretaps proving hisinnocence. But the feds and the Phillycops did not call off their vendetta againstJamal with the demise of the PantherParty. They continued to hate him for hiseloquent and impassioned defense of black rights, and particularly because heremained defiant and unbowed in the face of state repression and racist oppression. Jamal's defense of MOVE in 1978further whetted the cops' appetite to gethim. The Stakeout police surrounding thePow elton Village house saw Jamal as he entered and left the compound to conduct radio interviews. They seethed withhatred for his sympathetic coverage of MOVE. Ramp was elevated to the pantheon of police heroes-to this day, thePhilly police department rifle sharpshooting team gives out an annual JamesRamp award. At a press conference following the 1978 cop attack, Rizzo ominously looked straight at Jamal as heblamed Ramp's death on the new breed of journalism. Rizzo warned: You'regoing to have to be held responsible andaccountable for what you do. He seizedon the killing of Ramp to scream for restoration of the death penalty: Put themin the electric chair, and I'll pull theswitch. Jamal's sympathetic courtroom reports of the trial of the nine MOVE memberscharged with Ramp's killing enraged thepolice. He also covered the 1981 trial of three of the Stakeout cops who torturedDelbert, which resulted in the judge'sacquittal of the cops on all charges. Atthat trial, a key witness for the defensewas none other than CA head GeorgeFencl. Perhaps most galling to the cops,Mumia was there to cover the celebration when MOVE founder and leaderJohn Africa was acquitted of federal conspiracy and weapons charges in July1981.Only months later, the Stakeout copswho found Jamal bleeding at the corner of 13th and Locust Streets with' a coplying fatally wounded a few feet awayfinally saw the opportunity to frame himup. Giordano, described by Donner as one of Rizzo's favorite officers, orderedthat Jamal, who was near death, be takento the Police Administrative Building forinterrogation, finally relenting and allowing him to be taken to the hospital. Giordano was later the first to manufacture theclaim that Mumia had confessed to kiIIingFaulkner. In July 1982, Mumia was sentenced to death in a trial that in everyrespect was a travesty of justice. Eversince then, the Philadelphia FraternalOrder of Police (F.O.P.) has been screaming for the state's executioners to pullthe switch. Philadelphia Police State The sinister web of police surveillance,terror and frame-up that succeeded in entrapping Jamal is no aberration. Rather WORKERS VANGUARD
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