WKNJ Newscast: 3.7.11

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2nd news writeup for the WKNJ radio station @ Kean
  WKNJ NewscastMarch 7, 2011Michelle IllgGood afternoon, it’s Monday, March 7, 2011 at _____________ o’clock and you’re listening to 90.3WKNJ-FM, Union, New Jersey, and I’m _____________ with the news.In Local News…There’s a manhunt underway in Hudson County for a 21-year-old Rondell Jones of Jersey City.Authorities say he shot and killed another 21-year-old man from Newark at about 1a.m. on Saturday.The county Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Jones, who’s charged with shooting EricThomas multiple times in the back after the victim left a Jersey City house party. It was discoveredthat a friend of Jones’ had had a dispute with Thomas during this party. Jones shot him with a semi-automatic pistol as he quote ran for his life quote. Jones had spent just over a year in the Garden StateYouth Correctional Facility for unlawful possession of a handgun and conspiracy for drug dealing,having been paroled on January 24.1 1 1 1 1 1 1  The Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, is coming under new attack from people speaking outagainst the deportation of individuals in same-sex marriages. Venezuelan immigrant Henry Valendiais among the leaders of this protest. Valendia has been legally married to his partner, Princetongraduate student Josh Vandiver, since 2006 but is unable to obtain a spouse visa. This means same-sex partners cannot sponsor their spouses for immigration, and therefore, many are facingdeportation. Although the law has been declared unconstitutional in the opinion of the President anda federal court judge, Congress is not expected to be able to challenge or repeal it by Valendia’sdeportation hearing on May 6. He and his husband plan to be the first couple to appeal to the federalcourts for permission to remain in the country until the issue of DOMA is resolved. Valendia andVandiver have been garnering throngs of support and little opposition on campus and online, in whatthey see as a stand for love and equality.  2 2 2 2  In National News…With so many individual Middle Eastern nations experiencing crisis and dissent, the Obamaadministration is now shifting its focus and striving to help longtime U.S. allies remain in power solong as they are willing to reform. This new strategy is being called quote regime alteration quote ,and its goal is to encourage protestors to work with the existing governments towards positive changeinstead of demanding immediate revolutions which could throw entire countries into completeturmoil. The approach is now being attempted in Bahrain, Morocco, and Yemen. The administrationwas criticized for its handling of the Libyan and Egyptian situations. In Egypt they had firstsupported President Mubarak and then those calling for his ouster. But they insist that their goal isalways to support the rulers while asking them to cooperate with their people, make democraticreforms, and maintain non-violence. Late last month Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa [HA-MAHD BIN EESA AL-KALEEFA] had warned that if the U.S. did not back him 100% and hisgovernment fell, America would lose a critical ally and the tiny country could face trouble from Iranand Saudi Arabia. On February 27 th King Khalifa as well as the Moroccan King received declarationsof support from the U.S., but they’re not supporting anyone unconditionally. Preserving alliances istheir second priority after avoiding violence. If the governments fail to satisfy the people with quick progress or use violent crackdowns and unrestrained security forces on peaceful protestors, theywon’t be able to count on the American administration’s backing.
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