Touchwood PU Varnish

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Tollywood Pu Varnish
  TECHNICAL DATA ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS TOUCHWOODPU Varnish  Practical coverage may depend on surface profile,method of application and weather conditions. SURFACE PREPARATIONPRODUCT DESCRIPTION BERGER Touchwood PU Varnish is a 1 PK PU Alkyd Resin based clear coating for wood, enriched with Polyurethane. It enhances the natural look of wood and exhibits good resistance to normal wear and tear. Touchwood Varnish is a very economical finish for wood. RECOMMENDED AREAS OF APPLICATION In case of grease / oil contamination use Solvalux 7 - 9 for cleaning the surface before sanding with suitable abrasive paper.For larger area wire brush can be used for removal of old paint. For old and strongly adhered paint film on wooden surface BERGER Quick Paint Remover should be used for stripping the paint.Note : Sanding should be done along the grains only. 8 hrs Drying time at 30°C Surface dry Touch dry Recoatability Hard dryTECHNICAL DATA Natural wood, wood substitutes like plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, etc., For Indoor use only. APPLICATION DATA Brush Roller or SpraySolvalux 7 - 9Brushing & Rolling – as such or upto 5% if requiredSpraying – 10% by vol.1 LTR, 1 USGGloss and MattAs per Touchwood 1 PK PU Shade Card(Actual shade may vary largely depending upon type & colour of wood and thickness of dry film)Resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons but susceptible to polar and chlorinated solvents.1 Pack Polyurethane Alkyd0.91 ± 0.0138 ± 2(FC B 4) For Gloss: 50 ± 5 sec For Matt: 90 ± 10 secFor Gloss : more than 90 For Matt: 10 - 209 - 10 @ 2 X 20 µ DFT Sqm. / lit. ::: Method of ApplicationThinnerThinning ratio (by vol.) Finish variantsShade / Colour RangeSolvent ResistanceComposition NominalSpecific gravity% Volume SolidsViscosity of supplyGloss level at 60 ° headPractical coveragePack SizeTheoretical Coverage Capacity :::::::  1 hr30 min 18 hrs ::::  DISCLAIMERAPPLICATIONS DETAILSSTORAGE, SAFETY INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS Stir the contents thoroughly before and during use, with a broad flat stirrer, using an upward lifting action. Use Thinner as per the recommended thinning ratio.Apply 2-3 coats of Touchwood PU Varnish directly by convenient method of application to get the desired finish. For even better results use transparent wood filler and Touchwood NC Sanding sealer before top coating with Touchwood PU Varnish. RECOMMENDED PAINT SYSTEMFlammability and Transport Information: Flammable, Dangerous goods class 3.3, Flash point 30 ° C, UN 1263, PG III Safety information and precautions: · Do not apply at temperature below 10 ° C.· Provide adequate ventilation during use.· Keep out of reach of children.· Avoid contact with skin and eyes, wear suitable Personal Protective Equipments such as overalls, goggles, dust masks and gloves.· Dispose in landfill only. The information provided in this data sheet is not intended to be complete. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the product used is suitable for the purpose it is meant to serve.  In view of various factors affecting the performance of the coating, we cannot assume responsibility for the product performance, nor do we accept any liability arising from use of this  product, unless specifcally agreed to in writing by us. The information provided in the datasheet may be modifed by us without notice. Two coats x Berger Touchwood NC Sanding SealerTwo coats x Berger Touchwood PU VarnishFor Open Grain finish apply directly 2 - 3 coats of PU Varnish * For detailed system recommendation based on specific requirements please contact Berger representative. This Technical Data Sheet supersedes those previously issued with immediate effect.  BAHRAIN: + 973-17-730700 OMAN: + 968-24596709 UAE: +971-4-3391000 Version: 02/2007 
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