The Economic Impact of H-2B Workers

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THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF H-2B WORKERS ABOUT The U.S. ChAmBer Of COmmerCe The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation representing more than 3 million businesses of every size, sector, and region. The Chamber’s Labor, Immigration & employee Benefits Division formulates and analyzes the Chamber’s policy in the areas of labor law, immigration, pension and health care. The Division regularly participates in, and sometimes chair, national coalitions to help define and shap
  THE ECONOMIC IMPACTOF H-2B WORKERS  ABOUT The U.S. ChAmBer O COmmerCeT U.S. Cab o Coc is t wold’s last busiss datio psti o ta 3 illio busisss o vy siz, scto, ad io. T Cab’s Labo, Iiatio & eploy Bts Divisio oulats ad aalyzst Cab’s policy i t aas o labo law, iiatio, psio ad alt ca. T Divisio ulaly paticipatsi, ad sotis cai, atioal coalitios to lp d ad sap atioal labo, iiatio ad ploy btspolicy. mo ioatio at www.uscab.co/issus/lib_policy.ABOUT ImmIgrATIOnWOrkS USAIiatioWos USA is a atioal datio o sall busiss ows advocati iiatio o. Toaizatio lis 25 stat-basd, po-iiatio busiss coalitios: ploys ad tad associatios o loidato Oo ad o vy scto o t cooy tat lis o iiat wos. IW coodiats ad suppots tsoups as ty t o btt iiatio law i Wasito ad i t stats. T oaizatio’s twi oals: to ducatt public about t bts o iiatio ad build a aista assoots costitucy i avo o o.  THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF H-2B WORKERS 1 Octob 28, 2010T Labo, Iiatio & eploy Bts divisio o t U.S.Cab o Coc ad IiatioWos USA a plasdto pst tis ipotat study o t cooic ipact o th-2B visa poa.may Aica busisss could ot uctio witout t h-2Bpoa. Sall, diu-sizd ad la ploys i vy ioo t couty cout o it to p ti busisss op ad owi, ad to cat oppotuitis o U.S. wos.Yt t poa is ud costat attac by citics, wo all too ot a a cas basd o toic ad ypotticalscaios, ot ad cooic data.Tis pot uss oiial cooic aalyss to xai t tu cooic cts o t h-2B poa.T study’s picipal dis: tat cotay to citics’ clais, t h-2B visa poa dos ot dpss was o U.S.wos i siila occupatios, ad h-2B wos do ot ta jobs o ti U.S. coutpats.Supplti ts co dis is tstioy o ploys wo us t poa ad also sval illustativpols – o a h-2B ploy, a h-2B wo ad a couity tat dpds o a h-2B wooc. Tis acdotalatial dostats t ay bts o t poa but also t ustatios o dali wit its buaucatic adulatoy coplxity.eploys wo us t h-2B poa a ploys dtid to ollow t law. h-2B ad ot tpoay wopoas povid a lal wooc o U.S. copais w U.S. wos a uavailabl. T poas also allowoi wos looi o a ost way to a a livi to t t couty i a sa, cotolld a. I otwods, t poas do’t just p t U.S. cooically coptitiv, ty also cotibut to bod scuity adac t ul o law.Coss ad t adiistatio sould b looi o ways to xpad ad ipov tpoay wo poas – otaddi lays o buaucacy ad additioal ulatios tat a t poas all but ipossibl to us.Tis pot lavs o doubt about wat ust b do: cut budso ulatio, stali pocssi ad atpoay wo poas o ssitiv to cai U.S. labo at ds.Sicly, radl k. Joso Taa JacobySio Vic Psidt Psidt & CeOLabo, Iiatio & eploy Bts Iiatio Wos USAU.S. Cab o Coc FOREWORd  THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF H-2B WORKERS 2 The eCOnOmIC ImPACT Oh-2B WOrkerS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY T h-2B poa allows ploys to bi low-silld oi wos ito t Uitd Stats to ll tpoayad sasoal jobs i sctos ot ta aicultu. La ad sall ploys i vy stat ad i a wid vaity o idustis tu to t poa w ty caot i ou U.S. wos.h-2B visa olds play a sall ol i t U.S. cooy. T ub o visas is cappd at 66,000 p ya, adh-2B wos accout o lss ta o-tt o o pct o total U.S. ployt.Dspit t sall siz o t poa, ay ploys wo us it say ti busisss would av to dowsiz oclos i h-2B wos w ot availabl. Ad h-2B visas a sstial to sval ioal sasoal idustis tatsustai t cooy i ti stats: saood pocssi o maylad’s east So, stauats ad is o na-tuct ad si sots i Coloado, ao ot busisss.T h-2B poa is subjct to uc citicis o labo uios ad ots wo clai tat it allows ploys toxploit oi wos ad udis Aica wos wos was su as a sult. ecooic aalysis coduct-d o tis pot ds o vidc to suppot ts clais. Tis study dos, owv, d tat t poa could bsiicatly ipovd by stalii its coplx quits ad ai it o sposiv to at ocs.Copais ust t a coplicatd st o quits bo ty ca i h-2B visa olds, icludi aixtsiv ots to cuit U.S. wos. eploys ust l papwo wit ou ovt acis. Ty ust ob-tai tpoay labo cticatio o t Dpatt o Labo (DOL), ad ti ptitio o a oi wo ustb appovd by U.S. Citizsip ad Iiatio Svics (USCIS). Busisss ust dostat tat ti d o aoi wo is tpoay, ad ty ust pay at last t ovt-adatd pvaili wa o t job.Ts quits a oous o ay copay, but paticulaly o t sall ad diu-sizd busisss tatacdotal vidc susts a t avist us o h-2B visas. (La copoatios ad sta acis also ust poa, but t ava ploy applis o just 15 wos a ya.)Still, dspit t coplx quits, t dad o h-2B wos xcds t ub o visas availabl alostvy ya.T h-2B poa os a ipotat saty valv o ploys wo d wos o a tpoay basis wU.S. wos a ot availabl.  ■ I a suvy o h-2B ploys coductd o tis pot by IiatioWos USA ad t U.S. Cabo Coc, spodts idicatd tat ty i h-2B wos piaily bcaus w U.S. wos aitstd i tpoay o sasoal wo. Accodi to ploys, t pysically dadi atu o aysasoal jobs also as t uappali to ay U.S. wos.  ■ A oiial cooic aalysis coductd o tis pot cocluds tat t ub o h-2B wos icas-s w local labo ats tit. I ot wods, a o tai jobs o Aicas, h-2B visa uscolats wit higher U.S. ployt ats. T aalysis copad stat-by-stat data o h-2B adissioswit stat uployt ad ployt owt dui t piod o 2006 to 2009. T copaiso
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