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School homework Homework is a bitter pill to many a student. Schools, as a rule set home-tasks. They are given to make the student work at home. It serves another purpose also. It is to help the student to revise what has been done in the class. All schools set home work for students, some more and some less. However, bitter it may be, there must be some home-task given. Education and mastery of knowledge is a matter of skill. There are subjects to learn a skill and others just to acquire knowle
  School homework   Homework is a bitter pill to many a student. Schools, as a rule set home-tasks. They are givento make the student work at home. It serves another purpose also. It is to help the student torevise what has been done in the class. All schools set home work for students, some moreand some less.However, bitter it may be, there must be some home-task given. Education and mastery of knowledge is a matter of skill. There are subjects to learn a skill and others just to acquireknowledge. Both these groups require drill and repetition. the teacher, to some extent, drillsthe student in the class. But in the classroom each individual student cannot expert the sameamount of drill as each one may require. so the student will have to do that at home.Homework need not necessarily be repeating what has been done in the class. It may be morestudy. The student goes through references and acquires more and better knowledge. Theworld of knowledge is so wide that the class study cannot bring everything into the grasp of the student. So the student must take up some initiative of his own. This may be one of the purposes of homework.The school also must see that the student is not overburdened on one day and left free onother days. the teachers must see to it that the homework is distributed throughout the week.Still there are subjects like mathematics in the lower classes which require daily attention.There are others which can be attended to during the week end, for example, map making,drawing diagrams and so on.Simply because there is difficulty for some students, the homework cannot be abolished. If some students find it inconvenient to do their homework, the school must come to their rescue. They must provide some facilities in school, so that the pupils can conveniently attendto their homework. Boys do not like homework because some of them are too playful to dothem. In such cases, the teachers must come willingly forward to help such boys, who needencouragement.It is not a question of abolishing the homework. It is a question of making it sweet andworkable to the student. The teachers in good faith must solve this problem. The importance of good diet  In addition to regular exercise, a healthy well balanced diet is essential for good health. Lifeor rather the quality of life you have is dependent on having good health. A well balanceddiet would contain the three main groups of food as well as important vitamins and minerals.The first group of carbohydrates are found in foods such as bread, potatoes and rice. They areessentially energy giving foods which power the muscles and other tissues in our body. Thenext class of food is the proteins which form the solid part in all living cells. They arecommonly found in milk, met and fish, and are necessary for the body to build new cells andrepair old damaged ones. For this very reason growing children require a greater intake of thedifferent kinds of proteins as compared to adults. Lastly we have fats which are also energy-living foods but do not give it up as quickly as carbohydrates because their molecular   structure is designed to render them ideal as storage foods.As children are much more active than adults they use up more energy for their size andtherefore require more energy giving foods such as carbohydrates. To this end fats areunsuitable. Moreover too much of a fatty food intake at an early age may lead to a problemwith obesity in later life. In adults fatty deposits on the walls of the blood vessels in the formof cholesterol may lead to all kinds of heart ailments.In addition to the foods above the body also needs small quantities of protective substancescalled vitamins and minerals.They are normally present in a sensible diet. For example vitamins A and D are found insome fatty foods. Vitamin D is important along with the mineral calcium, found in milk, for the formation of bones. Vitamin B is found in the husks of wheat or rice ad vitamin C in freshfruits such as oranges and lemons. Important minerals such as potassium, zinc and iron are present in traces n most foods too.Therefore it is obvious that a well balanced diet would include all the necessary ingredientsnecessary for growth and good health. A daring robbery  It was 10 o'clock in the night. I was late from my office and was standing at the bus-stop tocatch the bus. There was a coffee shop nearby. It was the only shop in the neighborhood.There used to be late guests in that shop. For I could see that the owner was not in a mood toclose the shop.Then I saw two fells enter the shop. Their appearance looked suspicious. They went in andordered for their cup of coffee. While they were sipping their cups, I could see them talking.Then I saw both of them move towards the counter where the shop owner was sitting. Fromthe manner he talked to them, I knew they were thugs. After a few minutes, I could hear hotexchange of words. I could also see that the shop owner was self-possessed. While analtercation was going on, one of the two guests whipped up a knife and threatened to stab theshop owner. The other fellow put his hands into the drawer and took what all cash he couldtake. I was in a dilemma; I could neither go for rescue nor shout because that would be futile.the shop owner was raising hell of noise and even at the risk of his life, would not allow theruffians to bolt away with the cash. Luckily for him, the long awaited bus came there. Seeingthe bus the ruffians left the place and ran away. Before the shop keeper could recover and cryfor help, the ruffians were gone. As already the bus was late people did not bother to go for the ruffians. I boarded the bus with a heavy heart because, I failed in my duty to save theshop keeper. The uses and abuses of television  Gone are the days of 'old fashioned' entertainment. Television is an important invention of   this century. Its great effect upon society is remarkable. It is to be found in any large city inthe world.Television contributes a lot for the benefit of mankind. It is one of the great educators.Ordinary people, would have known little about foreign countries, engineering feats, scienceand medicine without television. In some countries apart from the program for the general public, 'school' television program has been introduced.Television provides good entertainment. We can see musical shows, movies and news eventsabout the world on a small screen. It provides great excitement and creates an interest invarious arts. A piano recital, an orchestra, a grand ball and a clandestine love affair are someitems to provide occasional merriment.To the old people and the sick, television is a companion. The no longer feel loneliness;television entertains them and makes them happy.Space men today are making enormous strides in the space race. Television has its use in thisfield also. Photographs of space flights can now be relayed to the earth by satellite and to thetelevision screen.Unfortunately, there is harmful effect if people spend too much time in 'viewing'. Childrenare likely to neglect their studies. If television has too strong a hold, even elderly people arelikely to neglect some of their important work. When too much time is given on programs of vice and crime there is a disastrous effect in the young.But if this medium is used properly it can become an advantage and no a disadvantage tomankind. Then only it will gain the wide appreciation it deserves. The value of discipline  What has gone into making a parade a grand success ? What has gone into making life a realsuccess ? What has gone into attaining greatness to great nations of the world ? Discipline.Discipline means the training of the mind so as to make it accept willingly the control rules or orders. In many ways it is the most valuable lesson to learn.It is only through discipline that living becomes smooth and peaceful. Law of a country isnothing more than community discipline. People who keep to the law accept the discipline of the state.For one's moral life, discipline is necessary. Self indulgence is a natural temptation. Our senses crave for easy satisfaction. Don't give way to this craving. we must keep our passionsunder control.Discipline features in every stage of a child's development. A child is taught discipline fromits birth so that it will not turn into a savage.At school we must submit to the discipline of the teacher. A school boy is given instructionsin various subjects. He is trained in different ways to make him fit for adult life. To his  repeated annoyance, he is subject to constant control.Discipline is equally necessary in our intellectual life. It is also necessary in our spiritual life.Life will have its trials and disappointments and it is discipline which will enable a person toremain cool and sensible amidst the stresses of life. Should a person fall, it is discipline whichwill set him on his feet again.Remember, discipline is not slavery. It has a higher object in view. True discipline lies in aconscious subordination of self to the achievement of some higher purpose. when we areinclined to rebel against discipline, we should remember, He alone can command whoknows how to obey . Advertisement : True or Misleading  Advertisement is one of the human institutions highly developed nowadays. To some extentnature itself advertises her ware; for instance, he color and smell of flowers is nothing butadvertisement to attract the attention of insects and birds and the promise of honey is the gift.Advertisement is one of the media to draw the attention of the public and to inform themregarding a particular product. This may be called the psychology of persuasion and a way of converting people to a way of life or thinking. For example, a new drink may be introduced.It is not enough if the product is good but the public must be made to realize its existence. Sothe manufacturer adopts subtle ways of advertising. There must be appeal to visual and auralsenses. Since advertisement has become very important and its methods are many, it has been professionalized and it is a trade today. In fact advertising agencies do good business. Sincethey employ specialists like artists and script writers, the advertiser can have expert service ata price.There are hundreds of ways of advertising. Generally they may have visual, audio andaudiovisual appeal. Leaflets and brochures are produced colorfully describing a product. Freesamples are lavishly given. Even for established products they give free samples now andthen so that new customers may be found for the product. Calendars are quite common andfrom very plain ones to pictorials are there. Some of the calendars are really so fine that theyare being preserved. So calendar manufacturing during the season is a big business and thereare people who hunt after calendars.Perhaps one of the most popular media of advertisement is the newspaper. Since newspaper reaches a very wider public, advertisement in the paper is a common feature. Some productsare being advertised throughout the year and advertisements are the major source of incomefor the newspaper. Here the pictures and the script play a very important part. Nowadays small gifts like key chains, purses, table ware and so on are used to advertisevarious products.An advertisement cannot be useless. After it ahs achieved its purpose the general public maythink it is useless. when an advertiser uses a lot of paper for printing his advertisement, thecommon man may question the wisdom behind it. If you go on throwing some mud on thewall, some is sure to stick; so too with the advertisement. the advertisement acts as amiddleman in the trade bringing the prospective buyer and the product man nearer. with the
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