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Paintzoomplat Mnl Plat r9 Lres
  ™ OPERATING INSTRUCTION MANUAL PLEASE READ THE MANUAL & SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSBEFORE USE.Please retain for future reference. PLATINUM PZMNL-P102910  CONGRATULATIONS TABLE OF CONTENTS Congratulations on purchasing the Paint Zoom  ™  Platinum    unit, the new paint miracle breakthrough. Get rid of brushes, rollers and trays — and start painting the easy way!   Now you can paint like a pro — instantly transorm any room into a magnicent space… and have un doing it! Paint Zoom  ™  Platinum’s advanced spray technology gives you beautiul, smooth, 100% coverage. Perect or fat walls or tricky textured suraces like stucco, brick, paneling, crown molding. No more drips, spills or splatters — just pull the trigger and paint!   ã Simple one-touch operation cuts your painting time in hal and is easy to use  ã Advanced spray technology delivers superior, one-coat coverage  ã Eliminates the need or rollers, brushes and paint trays  ã Ultra light and portable  ã Industrial strength, commercial grade motor delivers 800 watts o spraying power  ã Reach tight corners and angles with 3-way direct dial spray head For urther details about painting instructions, please visit our web site at:  SAFETY 1IMPORTANT ELECTRICAL INFORMATION 2PRODUCT COMPONENTS 3IMPORTANT: SELECTING PAINT 5UNIT SET UP 6MATERIAL PREPARATION 7THINNING CHART 8THINNING 9SURFACE & JOB PREPARATION 10FILLING THE PAINT CONTAINER 11 ALIGNING THE SUCTION TUBE 12HOW TO SPRAY PROPERLY 13STARTING TO SPRAY 14TECHNIQUE 16TOP TIPS 17CLEAN UP 18TROUBLE SHOOTING 19WARRANTY 20  1   2 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSIMPORTANT ELECTRICAL INFORMATION m WARNING! FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD m ã CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK OR INJURY, DO NOT EXPOSE TO RAIN;STORE INDOORS. ã The materials used with this spray gun (paint, thinners, etc) may contain hazardous, harmful,explosive or corrosive materials. ALWAYS COMPLY WITH THE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ISSUEDWITH THIS PRODUCT AND THE MATERIAL BEING USED.ã Only use paints, solvents or other materials with a ash point of 73°F (22C) or higher.ã Always ensure there is adequate ventilation when spraying.ã NEVER spray near an open ame, including an appliance pilot ame.ã NEVER smoke near the spray gun, paint or other ammable objects.ã Always disconnect the unit from the electrical outlet when cleaning the spray gun.ã Always ensure the spray area is safe and free from all debris that may present a re or fallhazard.ã NEVER, under any circumstances, point the spray gun at another person or animal. In the eventof an injury, seek immediate medical attention.ã NEVER allow children or unauthorized users to operate or play with the spray equipment.ã Always read the paint manufacturer’s thinning instructions before use.ã Always wear a protective face mask when spraying. We also recommend wearing gloves,goggles and overalls.ã You must clean the spray gun thoroughly after each use.ã Use only genuine manufacturer replacement parts.ã Use the spray equipment only as detailed in these instructions.ã Do not use the air hose or power cord to move the Paint Zoom ™ Platinum unit.ã Check the hoses, hose connectors and power cord frequently. Any worn or damaged partsshould be replaced immediately.ã This Paint Zoom ™ Platinum unit is recommended for household use only . ã This Paint Zoom ™ Platinum unit is not intended for use by children or persons with reducedphysical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge.ã SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.HAZARD: EXPLOSION OR FIRE   Solvent and paint umes can explode or ignite.Severe injury or property damage can occur.PREVENTION: - Provide extensive exhaust and fresh air to keep the air within the spray area freefrom accumulation of ammable vapors.- Do not use Paint Zoom™ Platinum or place paint or other ammable materials near ignitionsources such as static electric sparks, open ames, pilot lights, electrical appliances, or hotobjects. Connecting or disconnecting power cords or working light switches can make sparks. HAZARD : HAZARDOUS VAPORSPaints, solvents, insecticides, and other materials can be harmul i inhaled or i theycome in contact with the body. Vapors can cause severe nausea, ainting, or poisoning.PREVENTION: - Use a respirator or mask. Read all instructions supplied with themask to be sure it will provide the necessary protection.- Wear protective eyewear.- Wear protective clothing as required by coating manufacturer. HAZARD: GENERALCan cause severe injury or property damage.PREVENTION: - Read all instructions and safety precautions before operating equipment.- Follow all appropriate local, state, and national codes governing ventilation, re prevention,and operation.- The United States Government Safety Standards have been adopted under the OccupationalSafety and Health Act (OSHA). These standards, particularly part 1910 of the General Stan-dards and part 1926 of Construction Standards should be consulted.ã EXTENSION CORDS Your Paint Zoom ™ Platinum unit is supplied with a power cord that is 2.5 feet long. Make sureyour power cord is in good condition. When using an extension cord be sure to use a 16 gaugeor heavier cord.ã POLARIZED PLUG  The Paint Zoom ™ Platinum unit has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). Thisplug will t in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fully t in the outlet, reversethe plug. If it still does not t, contact a qualied electrician to install the proper outlet. Do notchange the plug in any way.ã DOUBLE INSULATED The Paint Zoom ™ Platinum unit is a double-insulated appliance and as such, does not requirethree-way grounding. Servicing of double-insulated products requires extreme care andknowledge of the system, and should only be done by qualied service personnel.  3   4 1. Spray gun2. Air cap ring3. Spray Pattern Adjuster/ 3 way Dial Spray Head 4. Nozzle5. O-ring6. Nut 7. Paint ow adjuster 8. Gasket9. Viscosity cup10. Pick up tube11. Paint container 12. Hose 13. Motor base14. Spray Gun Holder PRODUCT COMPONENTS 9) ViscosityCup13) MotorBase14) Spray GunHolder12) Hose1) Spray Gun7) Paint FlowAdjuster3) Spray PatternDial2) Air Cap Ring4) Nozzle5) O-ring8) Gasket10) Pick uptube11) PaintContainer6) Nut
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