Letter to Hon. Danny Guevencan from 7SC Pillars Consultancy

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A letter to the municipal mayor of Dimiao, Bohol, re new paradigm
   June 5, 2013Hon. Danny GuevencanMayorMunicipality of DimiaoBohol, PhilippinesDear Mayor Dan: Thank you for your hospitality during my first visit. I see that you aregood man - a humble person. Humility and craftiness are enemies but are both means to powerand wealth.In this planet of free will, we see men and women rose and rise togreat power and wealth either through that thing called craftiness (stealth,cunning) or through humility or a combination of these two, meaning:sometimes the person exercise craftiness, and, at other times, humility.When I mentioned the word enemies , I would like to mean “fromopposing camps”, namely: Humility is exercised by good people whilecunning by those in the Dark Force.I think that's correct; but to see that craftiness is always wrong isnot accurate because there is positive meaning of crafty, namely: wise.But of course, there are two kinds of wise or wisdom , namely:1. Worldly wisdom which excludes or overlooks a substantial portionof love for the neighbors (people, animals, plants, creation) and God and isexcessive in love for self and the self's.2. Godly wisdom which is nothing else but the inclusion of all partiesconcerned into a win-win scenarios. The key is balance: Love for Godabove all, for neighbor and yourself. This is the kind of love that is balanced and complete (perfect). The world's love equation = 600 fold love for Self (excessive)60 fold love for Neighbor (treacherous)and only 6fold fold love for God__________________ Bad harmful 666 - immature love, biased, onerous, not all-encompassing. The divine Love which is well-balanced =600 fold love for God60 fold love for Neighbor (selfless & sincere)and only 6fold fold humble love for self __________________ Good, divine 666 - mature love, all-encompassing. 1  As I hinted a while ago, craftiness has two meanings: a positive anda negative one.It is positive one when it is guided by love in the heart. This is how theLord puts a fail-proof formula to avoid becoming wrong or imperfect ; Hesaid : Be cunning (correctly wise) as a serpent, but remain blameless (love-filled) like the love. We were taught or made to believe that Lucifer or Satan is not worthyto be followed, but here we see that Christ wanted us to follow him or atleast learn at least one thing from him, namely: to be wise!I state that again (which can cause many Christians to tremble): weare to copy or learn or imitate from Lucifer in becoming wise. Jesus said Bewise as a serpent. Serpent is a main nickname of Lucifer or Satan. To be wise or wisdom is the development of the mind. There isnothing wrong in it per se. We are to cultivate our mind, to be filled withknowledge, not ignorance; with wisdom, not foolishness.But as Jesus showed us, man cannot spiritually stand in one foot; he, like we do physically, must also stand with two spiritual feet: The mindand heart are our two spiritual feet – the first two spiritual pillars to be ableto stand. Just as we need two physical feet to walk or move forward, we tooneed our two spiritual feet (the mind and the heart) in order to advance -move forward - progress - in our non-physical as well as physical aspectsand pursuits in life.So, to hone the mind but neglect the heart, e.g., reject love or leavelove stunted or immature, e.g. focused only in self, and not expanded,means : to be a one-foot spiritual man. One who relies or uses or has onlyone spiritual foot. Selfish.Marcos was like that. He stood and relied on his mental genius,neglecting godly, neighborly love. King Nebuchadnezzar was also like that.Most great personalities and leaders in the past and present were andare great in mind... but sadly, they fell and failed because lasting strengthand effectiveness cannot be sustained, although it can be initially attained,by one foot - the foot of the mind. The heart is needed! Wisdom of the mindis not enough; love is needed! But love that is not selfish!What did the truly wise prophet Daniel advise king Nebuchadnezzar?He told the King : Dear O King, in order to prevent your impending fallannounced to you via your dream, this is the anti-dote that I encourage youto do: ‘Show Compassion To The Poor.’” The heart, o king, in other words.Did the King appreciate Daniel's advice?Sure he did.But did he seriously follow it? No!Instead, he continued in his path of pride which is always paired by alack of compassion for the poor. And one evening, as he sat on the roof garden of his palace, he said to himself in great pride: Is this not by myown effort? This splendor - this majesty? And then the fall! 2   The problem with humans or of  being physical here on earth is weoften cannot see or do not see the Creator Power That Exists. All of us callthat God - our Father, but oftentimes when we sit on power and wealth, wefail or refuse to acknowledge Him as the Cause and Source of thesecomforts, and worse, we use these to abuse others! That’s the end if werefuse to acknowledge Him and thank Him.So it is the pitfall of worldly power and worldly wealth: we forget ourCreator. We failed to love Him above all, with all our heart, with all ourmind, with all our being. Marcos came to the point of thinking he had put everything in placeand that he was now invincible - invulnerable. What an illusion! He didn'tgive a little thought that his kidney might be his Achilles’ heel -- his kamatyanan - his weak spot. Or any part of his body for that matter. Godat any moment can cause any of our body parts to malfunction if He wantedto discipline us. To Marcos, it was his kidney. To Nebuchadnezzar, it was his mind - his brain - his very weak spot.Although he had developed it to become a great leader of a great empire,he allowed the germ of pride and arrogance to kotkot (eat up) the goodpart of his brain (mind).What happened to him?He became insane - deranged - for seven years! Purpose?Purpose: To humble him. He mingled with the animals in the forests.He crawled like animals. He ate leaves and grasses with the animals. Hisnails grew long like animals’. In order to humble his proud mind.When that 7-year course of  B.S. in Humility was successfullycompleted, he was restored to his kingship and I think he prospered moreand learned the most important Lesson in this life before we go to the otherside. And that lesson is: To acknowledge God and come to willingly admire,like and love Him with all of our heart, mind and might.After that experience, King Nebuchadnezzar was all praise, allrespect, all love for God. To read his letters in the Book of Daniel is veryuplifting. All leaders - husbands, fathers, managers, politicians etc. - woulddo well to be familiar with the happy-ending biography of kingNebuchadnezzar. Obviously, even if Marcos read and spent much efforts toimitate other great leaders before him, yet Marcos failed to take specialnote of King Nebuchadnezzar's special life lesson.I also feel that the same fault (pride) was subtly hidden in Job's mindwhen God allowed him to be severely tested - intensely purged of probablyhis last weakness, the most hard-to-detect-and-remove spiritual germ:pride.If you read Job's book, especially his own discourse and self- justifications, there slowly as you read his statement, you will notice that hisprofessed love for the poor or personal humility was mixed with a dirty doseof pride. Self-righteousness. His own version. Inferior righteousness onewhich is not enough.I believe this was the last dross that God aimed to remove from theheart and mind of Job in order to perfect him! In many aspects, Job got100% score; but it seems to us that he only got 99% when it comes to thesubject of Humility - Pride. 3  I hope this friendly Letter of mine, Mayor Dan, is bringing a sense of assurance and happiness as it does to me who merely write for you whatour heavenly Father has been telling us repeatedly and in the books orScriptures. With this, you can be more assured and sure how to have asuccessful leadership in your team, in your family and other groups.We need to have two feet in spirit to start with. These two feet are: The heart and the mind. And they must be made of sturdy, strong materialsif you want them to become strongly pillars.So, how to make our mind strong? With what materials or substanceare we to compose it? Answer: Wisdom.How to make our pillar heart strong? Answer: Love.Same questions asked and answered differently but still correctly:How to make wisdom safe from the pitfall (read: encroachment) of pride?Answer: It is must be paired with love. This is a repeating lesson since time immemorial. Lucifer was at thetop, e.g., second in command to God. He fell. Why? Because of the wisdom+ pride. Solution : wisdom + love. Humility is a product of love. So it can bealso said: Wisdom + Humility. Love makes you humble because you care forthem. A father condescends to his little kids out of love. A husbandcondescends (humbles) himself before his wife... also because of love.So when you said Mayor Dan I am not from those Guevencans whoare well-off,” I interpreted it as to mean to say that you came for a humblebeginning. Am I right? If so, then, we are in for a great partnership - apartnership for development never achieved in your town by any pastmayor.***Mar Uy of Alturas is a humble man. His humility is found and seen inhis extra-ordinary willingness to learn, to know, to listen and to appreciatethe value of ideas, no matter from whom it comes , e.g. from his bodegeros ,from his drivers, or from his managers. He has the special ability toevaluate and value an idea apart from the person who gives it.But of course he also realizes that if the giver of an idea is expert orexperienced in that field, the idea must be good. That is his hint.So, it means that since an infant is experienced or experiencing theexperience of childhood, Mar gives more ears and heart to him more thanto others when the subject in the meeting or under consideration is about“infanthood”!Stated in a different case: “Mar Uy listens more to his bodegero thanhis managers when the topic is about the warehouse.” This is one way Mary Uy shows him humility: he is extra-ordinarilyattentive when it comes to ideas – to discussion. He is very alert.I credit that partly to his daily tennis and life-long eating of malungay.He told me, “Coy, when we had small sales, our viand would be malungay.When we had better sales, we would buy some fish to add to our…malungay!” You search the entire internet (connected to all home and officecomputers all over the world), especially via Google and YouTube, and youwill be shocked: Malungay is the best vegetable in both quality and quantity 4
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