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Huang Huang November 2013 courses
  Opportunity to study with Dr. Huang Huang Dr. Huang has committed to coming to Philadelphia and New York to teach twoweekends: November 8-10 and November 15-17 .The first weekend will be held in Philadelphia. The second weekend will be heldin Hudson NY.To make this happen, Cara Frank and Andrea Elliott need a commitment from aminimum of 15 participants per course to be sure that our basic expenses arecovered. We are requesting that those interested in attending make a non-refundable deposit of $50 on the course/s they want to take so that we can be assured that we have enough people to run the program.  This will be applied to the total for the course/s you enroll in while also assuringyou a spot in the program. Here is a link where you can make your deposit and enroll in the class. The deadline for the deposit is April 30th.To express our appreciation for your early enrollment, those who sign up nowwill receive a larger discount on the course fee as well as coupons from ChinaHerb Company valued at $50 towards future purchases. As long we have theminimum number of participants to fly him in from China, the course will be opento others to enroll at a later date.Dr. Huang has created an outline for the material he plans to cover. He is offeringwonderful, practical information on the use of classical formulas for both new andreturning students. Here is a summary of the course content for each weekend: Weekend 1: Philadelphia   Introduction to Commonly Used Classical Formulas (November 8-10th, 9am - 6 pm): This course   will cover the use of the most commonly prescribedformulas from the Gui Zhi, Chai Hu and Ban Xia formula families. You willreceive a complete description of how and when to prescribe these formulasaccording to a patient’s presentation, constitution and disease tendencies.Formulas to be covered include:Gui Zhi TangXiao Jian Zhong TangWen Jing TangGui Zhi Fu Ling WanDa Chai Hu TangXiao Chai Hu TangChai Gui TangChai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang  Ban Xia Hou Po TangWen Dan TangBan Xia Xie Xin TangWu Ji San This will be an excellent introduction to Dr. Huang’s methodology and how he works clinically with classical formulas. We promise, you will leave inspired andwanting to learn more! Weekend 2: HudsonAdvanced Course on the Use of Classical Formulas (November 15-17th, 9am - 6 pm): For those who have studied with Dr. Huang before, he will coveradditional formulas not covered in previous classes such as Dang Gui Si Ni Tang,Wu Mei Wan, Huang Lian Tang, Jing Jie Lian Qiao Tang and Shu Yu Wan. Therest of the course will be devoted to describing the use of classical formulaswithin ancient, modern, contemporary and Japanese classical formula traditions. The cost of the course/s with advance registration discounts (two months)is as follows :$500 for each three day course/$850 for both weekends$250 for each three-day course for WON students & faculty/$475 for bothweekends10% discount for APA and ASNY members After the early enrollment: $550 for each three day course/$950 for both weekends$300 for each three-day course for WON students & faculty/$550 for bothweekends
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