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Final Pitch book
  Spice-up your life  M C  ® { By Jenny Bourne  Tableof Contents Page 3: Product ReDesign Page 4: Style Guide Page 5: Style Logos Page 6: Package Design Page 7: Product Photography Page 8: Product Advertisement  Product ReDesign Product name: McCormick Spices Target group: The target audience will be those who are master chefs, but also for thosewho are new to cooking and want to learn how to be better in the kitchen. The srcinalpackaging seems dated and just needs a more modern and fun look. The purpose of theredesign is to make cooking easy and available to everyone. Brief history: Willoughby M. McCormick started the business in Baltimore, Maryland in1889. Originally, he would sell spices and other products as a door-to-door salesman. In 1896, McCormick bought the F.G. Emmett Spice Company and ofcially entered the spice industry. Willoughby McCormick died on November 4, 1932 and his nephew, Charles P.McCormick became the president and chairman of the board. In 1981, Charles McCormickused Setco, a plastic bottles producer, to help with the packaging and distribution of thespices. Today, McCormick & Company is a Fortune 1000 that manufactures spices, herbs, and avorings for retail. McCormick spices can be found in almost every grocery store across the United States. Big idea: The main redesign for this product will be a more modern and eye-catching look.The packaging will be easy to store and easy to reseal and use again later. The new catchphrase for the product will be, “Spice-up your life with…” and then the name of the spice.On the back of the packaging, there will be different recipes that the spice can be used in.The McCormick logo will remain the same, but the colors will be brighter and trendier.  Style Guide Colors: CMYK: 14, 100, 76, 3RGB: 204, 31, 64Pantone: 1787 CHex: #cc1f40CMYK: 60, 0, 48, 0RGB: 89, 203, 163Pantone: 3385 CHex: #59cba3 The raspberry red will be used as the font color for the new catch phrase. Example:   Spice-Up your life with    OREGANO The fonts used will be   Suily La Tour-Demo   for the catch phrase,   “Spice up your life with” The name of the spice will be in   Basic Title Font. The light blue will be the packaging label color. The colors need to be bright andeye-catching. The spices should be enticing by smell and by color.The back of the packaging will include various recipes in which the particular spice can beused. This is for people who are learning to cook.Example: Oregano loves spaghettiAdditional nutrition facts will also be included on the back of the packaging .  
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