EBS Integration Manual 2.5

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Steps to integrate EBS
   This manual has been prepared for reference of E-Billings Solutions Pvt Ltd hereafter referred asEBS. This manual is intended to be used by the EBS and its employees only to facilitate use of Payment Gateway. This manual has been prepared on a best effort basis. Despite every effort toavoid errors it is likely that some errors may creep in. The EBS may at its sole discretion modify,alter, delete, add or amend any of the contents of this manual without assigning any reason orprior intimation to the Customer. It is notified that the EBS shall not be responsible for anydamage or loss of action to anyone, of any kind in any manner arising by the use of this manual.The contents of this manual are proprietary to the EBS and contain information that is privilegedand confidential. Use or dissemination of the contents of this manual in any manner whatsoeveris strictly prohibited. No part of this manual may be reproduced or copied in any form without theprior permission of the EBS. Breach of this condition shall be liable for legal action.]  E B  S –I NT E  GRA T I  ONMA N UA L   Presented by:E-Billing Solutions Pvt Ltd. EBS Integration Manual  Version 2.5 EBS Page 2 of  10 Contents SlnoContents page 1Product Description 4I. Authorized TransactionsII. Flagged TransactionsIII. CapturingIV. Refund V. Charge Back  2Integration Setup 4 3Steps for Integration 5I. Merchant’s Inputs to EBSII. Return URL or Output from EBS 4Process Flow 8I. Customer’s Payment ProcessII. Merchant’s Payment Process© Copyright E-Billing Solutions Pvt Ltd.  Presented by:E-Billing Solutions Pvt Ltd. EBS Integration Manual  Version 2.5 EBS Page 3 of  10 1. Product Description We offer a revolutionary combination of an advanced Internet Payment Gateway with paymentsprocessed to Merchant’s account with Bank. This product is called as EBS. The features of thisproduct is Transactions I.  Authorized Transactions – This is where the customer’s transactions detailswill land after they check out from merchant’s website.   The payment can bemade only for the transaction in authorized status. II. Flagged Transactions – This transaction is considered to be insecure.Transactions can be approved  Authorized transactions only after verificationmade by EBS team. III. Capturing – Capture transaction is that made by merchant from the pendingstatus. This transaction is then processed by the bank which is called as processing transaction . Here partial capture of transaction is also possible. IV. Refund – Refund for particular transaction can be made. The flow is fromMerchant to customer. V. Charge Back – The charge back is the refund made by EBS to Merchant. 2.Integration Setup EBS Integration Kit Consists of:a. Pay page : Pay file (pay.html) is a sample file, from where you can get thenecessary information(Billing & Shipping etc..) from your customer/cardholders. Also ,the page can customize at your end for your convenience based on your websiterequirement & platform. b. Response Page :  After the transaction, response page is used to retrieve all the DR parameter values. Return_url param value points to the response file. The value for thisparameter should be in the following format, Format:  http://www.yourdomainname.com/response.extension?DR ={DR}  C. RC4 : The DR values will be encrypted & decrypted through this file. It displays thedecrypted values in the response page. © Copyright E-Billing Solutions Pvt Ltd.  Presented by:E-Billing Solutions Pvt Ltd. EBS Integration Manual  Version 2.5 EBS Page 4 of  10 3.Steps for IntegrationI.Merchant Inputs The following will be the URLs for the external entries say a shopping chart.From Merchants HTML page to EBS Server. This action will happen when thecustomer, through the merchant shopping cart and while capturing tries toestablish his identity with EBS. Say:(http://secure.ebs.in/pg/ma/sale/pay/) this URL is using POST method. ParameterDescriptionTypeMinMax- account_idYour Account ID---Requiredreference_noYour Reference NumberChar 120RequiredamountTotal Sale AmountDecimal114,2RequiredmodeMode of the LIVE => live, TEST =>testChar LIVE or TESTLIVE or TESTRe   quireddescriptionDetail description of the saleChar 1255Requiredreturn_urlThis is the url you want EBS toreturn back after transaction issuccessful.Char 1255RequirednameCustomer billing Name.Char 1128RequiredaddressCustomer billing address.Char 1255RequiredcityCustomer billing city.Char 132RequiredstateCustomer billing state.Char 132RequiredcountryCustomer billing country.[3 Digitcountry code]Char 33Requiredpostal_codeCustomer billing postal code.Char 110RequiredphoneCustomer billing phone.Char 520RequiredemailCustomer billing email.Char 1100Requiredship_nameCustomer delivery Name.Char 1255Requiredship_addressCustomer delivery address.Char 1255Requiredship_cityCustomer delivery city.Char 132Requiredship_stateCustomer delivery state.Char 132Requiredship_countryCustomer delivery country.[3 Digitcountry code]Char 33Requiredship_postal_codeCustomer delivery postal code.Char 110Requiredship_phoneCustomer delivery phone.Char 520Required © Copyright E-Billing Solutions Pvt Ltd.
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