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Datenblatt SCB Box en Web

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Monitoring of large plants With Solar-Log™ SCB and Solar-Log1000 large plants can be monitored Large plants generate high levels of profitable sales revenues. For this reason good monitoring is all the more important. The new Solar-Log™ String Connection Box monitors every individual string and was deliberately developed for successful data evaluation by the Solar-Log™. Strict adherence to a fundamental importance of quality was involved in the selection of materials. All components used comply
  Monitoring of large plants Large plants generate high levels of profitable salesrevenues. For this reason good monitoring is all the moreimportant. The new Solar-Log ™ String Connection Box monitors every indi-vidual string and was deliberately developed or successul dataevaluation by the Solar-Log ™ . Strict adherence to a undamentalimportance o quality was involved in the selection o materials. All components used comply with current DIN and VDE stand-ards. The SCB “Made in Germany” adheres to the highest stand-ards o quality. With Solar-Log ™ SCB and Solar-Log 1000  large plants can be monitored TypeArt.-No. Solar-Log ™ SCB 12 DC / DC 255115 Solar-Log ™ SCB 16 DC / DC 255123Highest standards of operational safety  Design rated to 900 V system voltage (with supply rom mod-ules via internal DC / DC mains power unit) on all componentsup to terminals and cables.  1100 V, 160 A load circuit breakers or reliableall-terminal DC disconnection at ull load.  Class I / II, “B / C” overvoltage protection as well as stringprotection on the positive and negative terminal orcomprehensive protection o connected modules.  High temperature stability in continuous operating mode(while adhering to “synchronicity”). Ease of assembly The powder-coated aluminium housing complies with protection standard IP65 and is able to withstand severe weathering withoutany difculty. Clearly defned connections with contact protection inside the box assure high levels o reliability. All connections insidethe String Connection Box are readily accessible and thereore simpliy the task o installation. Voltage supply to the box is achievedby the DC voltage o the modules. For operational purposes, no external power supply cable needs to be routed. The SCB is completelypreassembled at the time o delivery and is ready to be connected. Solar-Log ™ SCBImage o Solar-Log ™ WEB string control monitoring On request the box is available as a AC / DC version with emergency fre switch. SCB at a glance Comprehensive monitoring  Individual string monitoring or precise ault identiicationand localisation.  Connectible Sensor Boxes or additional reerence values.  Optimum results obtained by integrating the Solar-Log ™  with Solar-Log ™ WEB.  TypeSolar-Log ™ SCB 12 DC / DC 1) Solar-Log ™ SCB 16 DC / DC 1) DC input Number of inputs 12 x Plus / 12 x Minus16 x Plus / 16 x Minus Cable cross-section, flexible 1 – 16 mm 2 1 – 16 mm 2   Input voltage – DC 440 – 900 V 1) 440 – 900 V 1) Cable current per string – DC 12 A10 A  Number of fuse holders /fuse dimensions 12 + 12 / 10 x 38 mm16 + 16 / 10 x 38 mm Type of protection   (not included in the delivery) IEC 60269-6IEC 60269-6 Overvoltage protection, type Class I / II (B / C)Class I / II (B / C) Outputs Number of outputs 1 Plus / 1 Minus1 Plus / 1 Minus Cable cross-section, flexible 35 – 95 mm 2 35 – 95 mm 2 Max. output voltage 900 V 1) 900 V 1) Cumulative current 160 A160 A  Protection Earth External M12 connection pinExternal M12 connection pin DC circuit breaker Rated operating voltage, Ue (DC) 1100 V DC 1100 V DC Rated operating currentin category DC22B, I e 160 A  DC 160 A  DC Mechanical service life 25,000 engagements / 120 per hour25,000 engagements / 120 per hour Reference standard IEC 60947-3IEC 60947-3 Data monitoring Energy consumption / DC supply voltage 1) < 8 W / sel-sustaining rom 440 to 900 V< 8 W / sel-sustaining rom 440 to 900 V Ambient temperature -20 °C to +65 °C-20 °C to +65 °C Measuring channels (current – DC) 1216 Available data String currents (12)String currents (16)Total voltageTotal voltageOvervoltage protection triggeredOvervoltage protection triggeredSensor data (irradiance, wind,module temperature, ambient temperature)Sensor data (irradiance, wind,module temperature, ambient temperature) Configuration Solar-Log ™ Confg InteraceSolar-Log ™ Confg Interace Data bus Type RS485RS485 Bus spacing 2 m to 500 m2 m to 500 m Max. number of SCBs on the bus 6060 Housing Dimensions (h x w x d) without screw onnections 600 mm x 600 mm x 170 mm600 mm x 600 mm x 170 mm Weight approx. 20 kgapprox. 20 kg Material UV-resistant, powder-coatedaluminium housingUV-resistant, powder-coatedaluminium housingUV-resistant cable apertures –screw connections M32 x 1.5 RAL9004UV-resistant cable apertures –screw connections M32 x 1.5 RAL9004 Protection class, protection level Protection class II, IP 65Protection class II, IP 65 Planned options Solar-Log ™ SCB 12 or 16 AC / DC 2) (input voltage (DC) 0 – 1000 V) external AC voltage supply1 x 230 Vexternal AC voltage supply1 x 230 V Fire brigade emergency stop requires an external AC voltage supply1 x 230 Vrequires an external AC voltage supply1 x 230 V Warranty 5 years 1)  Voltage supply direct via the PV generator 2)  Voltage supply via external AC 230 V connection
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