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Cricket Revolution Manual

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  Cricket Revolution ManualINTRODUCTION   Welcome to Cricket Revolution, a new multiplayer cricket game where playerscompete against each other and the computer in a challenging game of cricket. Thegoal of this manual is to familiarize new players with all the features and gameplayoptions that are available to them. Please note that the latest and most up-to-dategame information, including patches, game balancing, and game play updates canbe found on CONTENTS 1. Getting Started  1.1 Purchasing The Game1.2 Installing The Game1.3 Minimum System Requirements1.4 Playing Online 2. Team Management  2.1 Skill Points2.2 Specialists2.3 Player Customization 3. Batting In-Depth  3.1 Shot Selection3.1.1 Defensive Shots3.1.2 Aggressive Shots3.1.3 Push Shots3.1.4 Lofted Shots3.1.5 Slog Shots3.2 Shot Placement3.3 Shot Timing3.4 Batting Gameplay3.4.1 Batsman’s Skills3.4.2 Batsman’s Specialization3.4.3 Batsman Levels3.4.4 Batsman States3.4.5 Strike Zones, Sweet Spots, and Edges 4. Bowling In-Depth  4.1 Bowler Types4.1.1 Fast  4.1.2 Swing4.1.3 Spin4.2 Special Deliveries and Adrenaline4.3 Bowling Strategy4.4 Match Conditions 5. Fielding In-Depth  5.1 Fielder Skills5.2 Fielder Specialization5.3 Fielding Basics 6. Game Modes  6.1 Online Play With Revolution Online6.1.1 Chat Rooms an Friends6.1.2 Hosting and Joining Games6.1.3 Player Profiles6.1.4 Match Making6.2 LAN Play6.3 Single Player6.3.1 Revolution League6.3.2 Revolution Cup6.3.3 Exhibition Match6.3.4 Net Practice 7. Credits 1. GETTING STARTED 1.1 PURCHASING THE GAME In order to play, you must own a copy of thegame that can be directly downloaded andinstalled on your PC via Steam. To purchase ourgame from Steam, please visit our Steam store. You must have a registered Steam account toown and play Cricket Revolution. If you are not a registered member of Steam, you candownload and install Steam for free from their website. 1.2 INSTALLING THE GAME Once you purchase Cricket Revolution from Steam, your Steam client will download thegame and add it to your Steam game’s list, from where you can launch the game. That’s it, it’s that simple.  1.3 MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Please note the system requirements below.   Minimum Operating system:Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista   Processor: Pentium 4, 2.0GHz processor   Memory:512 MB RAM (1 GB for Vista)   Hard disk space:500 MB availableVideo:128 MB supported video card Sound:DirectX compatible sound card   DirectX®:9.0c or later   Input:Keyboard and mouse  Recommended Operating system:Windows XP/Vista   Processor:Intel®2.4 GHz Dual Core processor   Memory:1 GB RAM (2 GB for Vista)   Hard disk space:1 GB available   Video:256 MB 6600 Nvidia graphics card or ATI equivalent   Sound:DirectX compatible sound card   DirectX®:9.0c or later   Input:Keyboard and mouse   1.4 PLAYING ONLINE  Once you install the game, you will have access to all the offline, single player, and LANfeatures. However, to play online, you will have to create your Cricket Revolution Profile,where all your game data, performance, history, statistics, and rankings will be stored.Please note that this account is NOT linked to your Steam profile; it is a stand aloneCricket Revolution profile to maintain your performance and community data You can easily create a Cricket Revolution profile account on our website, Pad up and get started now! 2. TEAM MANAGEMENT Before playing a match you have to select a team and either play with the defaultsquad for this team or customize the squad to suit your particular strategy. CricketRevolution lets you choose a team from any of the main cricket playing nations. If yourteam is not from one of those countries you can always create a custom team thatrepresents your country of choice.  2.1 SKILL POINTS  The strength of a team is defined by its overall skill points that are the sum of eachindividual squad member’s skill points. In order to ensure fair play, all teams withinCricket Revolution have a fixed pool of 160 points that can be distributed among theplayers in a flexible manner to form strategically different squads. You can assign andremove skill points from a squad member to fine tune his bowling, batting and fieldingabilities. The effects of fine tuning are covered in detail in each discipline’s sectionbelow.Each player is limited to a maximum of 20 skill points distributed across the threecricketing disciplines. For any given discipline, a player can have a maximum of 10 skillpoints. You can create all-rounders by spreading a player’s skill points across the threedisciplines, or you could decide to focus his skill points in one or two disciplines only,making him a specialist in those areas. 2.2 SPECIALISTS Each team in Cricket Revolution has a mixture of all-rounders, batting specialists, and bowlingspecialists. A player becomes a specialist in anydiscipline if he has 7 or more talent points in thatdiscipline. Once your player becomes aspecialist in a particular area, you can further classify his specialty type.Batting Specialist Options:1) Aggressive2) Balanced3) DefensiveBowling Specialist Options:1) 7 talent points = 1 special delivery2) 10 talent points = 2 special deliveries*There are several bowler variations and special delivery types bowlers can bowl. Referto the bowling section below.Fielding Specialist Options:1) Catcher2) RunnerSpecialists, their abilities, and their pros and cons are discussed in detail in the sectionsthat follow.
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