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4th, 5th, 6th October 2013 BAHRAIN MEDIA ROUNDUP Abdulrahman al-Sayyed said in a statement. Bahrain charges leading ex-MP with inciting terror Bahrain's general prosecutor on Saturday said he had referred prominent Shiite opposition ex-MP Khalil Marzooq to court on charges of inciting terrorist crimes . Marzooq, a senior figure in the main Al-Wefaq opposition formation who was arrested on September 17, also faces charges of promoting acts that amount to terrorist crimes , The prosecutor also
  BAHRAIN MEDIA ROUNDUP 4th, 5th, 6th October 2013  Bahrain chargesleading ex-MP withinciting terror  Bahrain's generalprosecutor on Saturdaysaid he had referredprominent Shiite oppositionex-MP Khalil Marzooq tocourt on charges of incitingterrorist crimes .Marzooq, a senior figure inthe main Al-Wefaqopposition formation whowas arrested on September17, also faces charges of promoting acts thatamount to terrorist crimes ,Abdulrahman al-Sayyedsaid in a statement.The prosecutor alsoaccused Marzooq of usinghis position in Al-Wefaq, alegal association, to call forcrimes that are consideredterror acts under the law, the statement said.The prosecutor confrontedMarzooq with his publicspeeches in which heallegedly supported the principles of terrorelements... especially theterrorist group named theFebruary 14 Coalition,whichhe openlysupported, the statementsaid. Read More Bahrain to tryopposition leader forinciting terrorism The deputy leader ofBahrain's largest oppositionparty is to face trial oncharges including incitingterrorism, the publicprosecutor of the Gulf Arabkingdom said on Saturday.Khalil al-Marzouk wasdetained in mid-Septemberby police investigating whatauthorities called hispromotion of terrorism,angering his Al Wefaqparty, an Islamist groupwhich says it advocatesnon-violent methods ofactivism.In a statement published bythe state news agency, FirstAttorney GeneralAbdulrahman Al Sayed saidthe Public Prosecution hadcompleted its investigationsof charges against Marzoukand ordered him to be jailedpending criminal trial. ReadMore Al Wefaq leader toface trial on October 24 Bahrain’s First AttorneyGeneral on Saturday saidthat Khalil Marzouq, theAssistant Secretary-General of Al WefaqNational Islamic Society,would be put on trial onOctober 24 on charges of“inciting terrorism andpromoting acts thatconstitute crimes ofterrorism.”Abdul Rahman Al Syed saidthat the charges levelledafter the Public Prosecutioncompleted its investigationsof the case also included“using a position andmanagement within alegally formed politicalassociation to call forcommitting crimes thatconstitute acts of terrorismpunishable under theCommunity ProtectionLaw.” Read More Bahrain chargesShiite ex-MP with inciting terrorism Bahrain's generalprosecutor Abdulrahman al-Sayyed charged Shiiteopposition ex-MP KhalilMarzooq of incitingterrorist crimes Saturday,according to AFP.Marzooq, a prominentleader of the opposition Al-Wefaq legal association,was arrested on September17th for using his position inthe group   to call forcrimes that are consideredterror acts under the law. The ex-MP's public supportfor the February 14Coalition, for example, wascited as evidence ofsupporting terrorismaccording to the prosecutor.50 other Shiites weresentenced to serve up to 15years in jail last Sunday forforming the February 14Coalition, the movement blamed for most of theconfrontations betweensecurity authorities and theShiite majority according tothe AFP report. Read More  Bahrain RepressionContinues AmidSham Trials andImprisonment The lengthy prisonsentences handed down to50 Shia activists last weekand the refusal of Bahrainicourts to hear theirallegations of torture onceagain confirm the regime’scontinued repression of theopposition.Amnesty International in astatement this week decriedthe unfair trials andsentencing of theseactivists and the inability ofthe defence lawyers topresent witnesses or tochallenge the authorities’politically motivatedcharges. Court decisionsseem to be pre-ordainedregardless of the facts.Many of those convictedwere allegedly tortured inprison before trial as“terrorists , an accusationwhich the Al Khalifa regimehurls at any Bahraini whocriticises regime brutality. Read More U.S. discussingrights issues withBahrain The U.S. government hasexpressed its concernabout the treatment ofopposition leaders inBahrain to its close partnersin Manama, the StateDepartment said.Bahrain's government lastmonthconfirmed the arrestof Khalil al-Marzooq, adeputy leader from theopposition al-Wefaqorganization. He wasaccused of inciting violenceand supporting terrorismthrough a speech hedelivered to supporters inSeptember.The Bahraini governmentstripped dozens of politicalactivists of their citizenship,including at least onemember of al-Wefaq.Bahrain blames theopposition group for unrestin the Persian Gulf country. Read More Concerns over fair trail rights cloudBahrain activistverdicts Last Sunday, 50 Bahrainis,including one woman, weregiven heavy sentences fortheir part in forming arevolutionary coalition. Theruling raised questionsabout the fairness ofpolitically linked trials in theenergy-rich Arab Gulfcountry.The court accusedmembers of the 14February Revolution YouthCoalition with terrorism, slapping 16 defendants with15-year prison terms, fourothers receiving 10 yearsand the other 30 sentencedto five years behind bars,according to AFP. Amongthose implicated isprominent Iraqi cleric HadiAl-Mudaressi.Ali Alaswad, a member ofthe opposition Al-WefaqNational Islamic Society,puts the numbers involvedmuch higher.   “Ninty-fiveBahrainis in total wereconvicted to a total of 808years, he said. “Theregime seems intent onlocking up anyone andeveryone who opposesthem.” Read More Bahrain frees jailedblogger  Officials in Bahrainconfirmed that bloggerMohammed Hassan Safyhas been released from jail.The blogger, whose arresthad been ordered by thePublic Prosecution, hadbeen accused of “rebellionagainst the regime”,following a three-hourinterrogation all chargeswere dropped and he waslet go.He was arrested alongsideblogger and photographerHussein Hubail and others.   Lawyer AbdelazizMoussaexplained that all activistshad been arrested onsuspicion of “enticingviolence, calling andorganizing marches as wellas promoting hatred againstthe regime.” Read More Bahrain Hosts FirstGulf Media Forum for Information Ministers The Bahraini regime hasfrequently cracked down onhuman rights defenders byprosecuting them for theiractions on social media. Inan ironic twist raisingeyebrows around the globe,this week the Kingdomhosted the GulfCooperation Council’s(GCC) first Media Forum inManama. The two-dayforum, themed “MassMedia andTelecommunications andtheir impact on NationalSecurity,” was hosted bythe Information AffairsAuthority (IAA) withparticipation from around150 GCC representatives,including GCC informationministers, specializedmedia andtelecommunicationsprofessionals, andacademics. Read More
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