Bahrain Opposition Representation

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A brief and studied analysis of Bahrain's opposition and its composition of the Bahraini society and political spectrum.
  Bahrain Opposition Was it a Silent Majority or is it now a Loud Minority?  Introduction    This short presentation does not intend to look indepth into the political situation in Bahrain, butrather look into answering the following:    What kind of “democracy” is on the ground inBahrain?    What is the representation of the opposition in the 3branches of government (legislative, judiciary &executive)?    What powers does the Parliament possess in Bahrain?    How much does the opposition actually represent fromthe fabric of the Bahraini society? And how much is itsrepresentation in Parliament? 1  Assumptions & Sources    This study & numbers were based on figures extractedfrom:  2010 population &electorate)  2010 voting figures)    Main assumptions    The fabric of the Bahrain society is such that oppositionand pro-government populace are seen in same districts,but remain proportionately well drawn.    The 40 electoral district composition in Bahrain in 5governorates strictly draws the line between oppositionand pro-government populace (except for 3 contesteddistricts, as will be clear hereafter)    This conservative approach, hence results, works best for pro-government representation understating oppositionfigures, but still does not affect the main results andconclusions. 2  The Bahrain Parliament    The King remains the head of all branches of government(legislative, judiciary & executive).    The Parliament is composed of two houses:    Upper House:  Shura Counsel    Lower House:  House of Representatives    The two  houses comprise of 40 members each, with thelower house being an elected one, and the upper house appointed by the King .    Draft laws leave the lower house to the upper one, andmust then be signed by the King.In case of disagreement between the two houses, theParliament (both houses) holds a joint session to discuss thedraft, which in the event of agreement must still be signedby the King.    In all cases, the King can rule the country via Royal Decrees,bypassing both houses of Parliament. 3
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