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Axeman of Ulric

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WHQ Axeman of Ulric template.
  Axeman of Ulric A chosen warrior of Ulric, dedicating his life somewhere between a fierce warrior and aholy priest, he swings his weapon with the wrath of the God of Winter. Name: __Horvath Stormbringer____ Current Level: __2__  Weapon Skill 4 Ballistic Skill 6 Strength 3 Toughness 3 Initiative 4 Attacks 2 Willpower 4 Movement 4 Pinning 6 Wounds 19 Luck  2 Current EquipmentWeapons ItemEffectValueCavalry Hammer Blade of SlicingDamage: 1d6+1 (+2 on deathblow)+SDamage: 1d6+2 wounds+S300 Armour ItemEffectValueKnightly Armour+1T  Other Items ItemEffectValueGold2250 Current Skills & Boons Skill/BoonEffectS: D: Breath of the White Wolf B: Spectral WolvesWhile remaining still, any model in thesame room that attacks or moves must roll.On the roll of a 1, they overbalance and arerendered prone for that round.During 1 combat in the next adventure.Summon D3 spectral wolves. T4, S4, A1.6+D6 Damage ignoring toughness and non-magical armour. Lasts for 1 combat. Other Information Merchant Birth: Weaponsmith - 25% off at all Weaponsmiths.Cannot use Missile Weapons apart from thrown weapons.May not wear leather or fur armour May use Treasure in the same way as a Barbarian, though may not use equipmentspecifically for other Holy Order.  Special Location – Temple of Ulric Any Warrior or Priest of Ulric may spend time in the Settlement at the local Temple of Ulric. As his training is both Martial and Divine, the Warrior trains twice. First, he mayseek to gain skills and disciplines as befits a Warrior and Priest of Ulric (table 1), thensecondly he may seek a blessing from Ulric to aid him against his foes (table 2). Table 1: Skills Training. The Warrior of Ulric may train with the Priests or other Warriors of Ulric present to learna variety of abilities, both Divine and Martial (and in some cases, both). Divine abilitieswill require the roll of a Power dice and are marked on the table with a D. RollEffect2Great Blow: The Warrior bides his time and strikes with great strength, aiming to causecatastrophic damage. If he did not attack in the previous turn, the Warrior's next blow will hit ona roll of a 3+ and reduce the targets Strength by 2 (not cumulative).3 D: Frostblow: The Warrior learns to channel a small fraction of the power of the North Winds.His next blow slows his opponent, making his attacks easier to dodge. The enemy suffers normaldamage and their next attack is made at -1WS.4Shield Crash: Instead of attacking, the Warrior pushes forward and forces his opponent backward. Make a test of Warrior's Strength vs Opponents Strength, if successful the target takes1D6 damage and is knocked back D3 squares. If the target cannot be forced back, it takes anadditional 1D6 damage per square it cannot move.5 D: Frozen Blood: The Warrior prays to Ulric to bind his wounds. Make a power check, if successful, he is healed for 1 wound per 2 wounds he caused in the previous combat. If nowounds were caused, he is healed for D3 wounds. On the roll of a 1, Ulric is displeased with hisdisciple and punishes him, the Warrior takes an additional wound.6Chosen Bane: The Warrior feels called to hunt a specific foe, at the start of the next adventurehe declares an enemy race (e.g Undead, Skaven, Greenskins), during one combat, his weapondoes double damage to any enemy of that race, effectively gaining the Bane special rule.7 D: Breath of the White Wolf: The Warrior learns to call the winds of the Northern Tundra and breathe them out around himself, freezing the very air and ground. During the next combat, solong as the Warrior does not move, any models in the same room as him must roll if they wish tomove or attack. On any roll of a 1, the model overbalances, slips and falls prone.8The Crossed Hammers: The Warrior has learned to bring a controlled fury to the battlefield, hemay dual-wield one handed hammers, gaining an additional attack.9 D: Storm of the North: The Warrior is possessed by the fury of Ulric. His next blowsuccessfully hits on a 3+, he gains an additional attack that hits on a 4+, if that attack successfully hits, he gains another attack that hits on a 5+, if that attack successfully hits, hegains a final attack that requires a 6 to hit but does count as a Deathblow. The Warrior cannotmove or attack the turn following this power. Usable once per adventure.10Bulwark: The Warrior calls on the reserves of his training and continues to hold back the enemytide. Once per adventure, he gains +1 toughness (up to a maximum of 10) for every enemymodel adjacent to him until the end of the combat.11 D: Thunderous Blow: The Warrior chants to Ulric, falling deep into a trance as he communeswith his God. His next blow blasts his target with lightning, doing normal damage plus 6+D6lightning damage. Enemy models behind and adjacent to his target take D6 Lightning damage.Enemy models behind and adjacent to those targets take D3 Lightning Damage. On aDeathblow, all targets take 6+D6 Lightning Damage. Usable once per adventure.  12Untold Reserves: The Warrior falls into the cold rage of Ulric, forcing himself to fight harder.He may sacrifice D3 hitpoints and gain that equivalent amount of strength for the next round of combat. Usable once per combat. Table 2: Boons of Ulric The Warrior spends time in prayer and meditation with Ulric, praying that Ulric maygrant him a boon to help defeat his foes. 1Relentless Fury: Ulric will not let you falter. For the next adventure, you count as Fearless.2Chilling Blow: Once during the next adventure, the Warriors next attack does an additional D6Frost Damage3Berserk Fortitude: Once during the next adventure, if reduced to beneath 50% hit points, thewarrior enters a berserk fury, gaining +1 attack at -1WS. For every successful attack madeduring the combat, the warrior is healed for 1 wound.4Spectral Wolves: Ulric has set his wolves to watch over you. Once during the next adventure,you may summon D3 Wolves of Ulric. The Wolves do 6+D6 damage that ignore toughness andnon-magic armour, are WS4 and Toughness 4 with 10 Wounds. They last until killed or the endof the next combat.5Strength of the Northern Bear: Ulric fills you with the might of the great Northern Bear. Onceduring the next adventure, the Warrior becomes S10 for one round of combat.6Lightning Hammer: Lightning cascades from your eyes and from your weapon. Once, duringthe next adventure, you may throw any hammer weapon you possess. There is no range limit,only line of sight. Any monster in the weapons path takes 6+D6 Lightning damage that ignoresarmour and toughness. The weapon is destroyed in the attack. Levelling Table: LVLGoldTitleWSBSSMDMGTWIALuckWPSkillsPin10Warrior4634D63D6+741040622000Axeman4634D632D6+742241634000Axeman5634D633D6+742242648000Axeman5644D643D6+7433425512000Wolf56442D644D6+7533435618000Wolf66442D644D6+7543545724000Wolf65442D645D6+7543554832000Wolf65442D645D6+7644564945000WhiteWolf 65443D656D6+76546641050000WhiteWolf 65543D656D6+7654674
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