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7th grade book reviews

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1. 7th Grade: BOOK REVIEWSFrancisco Abusleme: Los Mifenses by Rocío de Terán An alien makes human friends when his spacehip falls on Earth near a farm. X2, a…
  • 1. 7th Grade: BOOK REVIEWSFrancisco Abusleme:"Los Mifenses" by Rocío de Terán An alien makes human friends when his spacehip falls on Earth near a farm. X2, a tripulant of one of the spaceships, gets asleep and its spaceship falls onplanet Earth. X2 wakes up. He goes out of the U.F.O. and he finds a farm.There, he meets new friends; Pedro, the owner of the farm and both of hisgrandsons, Nanda and Manuel. They are very good friends and the strangerseems to be friendly and nice. The book has big letters, easy words to read and the context is very easy tounderstand. That is why the book is recommended for children, around 9 yearsold. Rocío de Terán wrote a fun and amusing story about the friendship betweenhumans and aliens. The book is about aliens, but kind and sympathetic, and"human" aliens. No agressive as sometimes they appear to be in movies. It is agood book and you should read it.Jeremy Ryan:“Uti-Tanka, Pequeno Bisonte/Uti-Tanka, Little Bison” by William CamusWhat it is about:
  • 2. This book is about a kid of 13 years old that goes on a trip to Minesota in agroup of cars, and the mayority of them are prairie schooners, also known asConestogas. In the story he gets caught by Indians, he escapes and travels witha salesman, visits the Quakers, goes to Chicago and at the last, he finds againhis friend, leader of the group of Conestogas.What happens:A boy named Pete Breakfast goes on a trip with his friend Sunday, leaving hisboss Fritz. He goes to Minesota, and in the way he meets a lot of people, likethe brothers Calloway, Gus, Tex, and Indians like Short-legor Thunder-of-the-water. Then, he gets caught by those Indians, and he loses a lot of friends inthe battle.Verdict: This book is really slow and boring, but when it gets to the climax itbecomes really interesting, but then it gets boring again. A good thing about thisbook is that it shows a lot of interesting things about North America, but it’s hardto read.Kids below 12 years old should not read it because of the violent scenes.Ignacio Puig:"Harry Potter and The prisoner of Azkaban"What it is about:The author of the book is J.K. Rowlling. The book is about a young wizardcalled Harry Potter, who meets his lost uncle Sirius black that has escaped fromthe most protected and dangerous prison, Azkaban.Description:The characters of the book are Harry Potter, the protagonist, Sirius Black(Harry’s uncle), Hermione Granger and Ronold Weasley, Harry’s best friends.All of them are great with magic but some better than others. The book is veryinteresting because it never bores the reader and has great action parts thatkids really like, especially the ones that have magic.Personal opinion: I liked the book because it’s not common like most books.You will never know what will happen next. That’s why the writer J.K.Rowllingdid excellent creating this incredible book.
  • 3. Juan Pablo Cortés:“The Hound of the Baskervilles,” by Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThe book I read is the “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” written by Sir ArthurConan Doyle. This story is about a man that was killed mysteriously, and thedetective Sherlock Holmes has to resolve the case.Sir Charles Baskervilles was killed, and the people think a hound is theassassin. Sir Henry Baskervilles, the uncle of Charles, receives a message thatsays that he is in danger. The famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, and hisfriend, Dr. Watson, have to resolve this mysterious case. The climax of the storythat I read is when a big and black hound jumps up the High Tor, whereSherlock, Watson and Sir Henry are. This book is very interesting and moving. It’s a story with a lot of mystery. Irecommend this book to people over 11 years, because it’s quite difficult tounderstand all the details of the story, and so the book itself.
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