72 Mandalas for Painting in Meditation - Mandalas

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72 mandalas for painting in meditation - mandalas worldwide Presentation by Michael Palomino 2005 / 2007 Dragón mándalas ã The Dragon is looking for the Lucky Pearl The Chinese dragon, representation for the eternal moving life and effort is chasing a lucky pearl here, the symbol of perfection, infinity and purity. Dragon mandalas ã The fire dragon in spiral form The fire dragon stands for the stupendous power of Creation Dragon mandalas ã The World's dragon is creating life to Earth
  72 mandalas for painting inmeditation - mandalas worldwidePresentation by MichaelPalomino 2005 / 2007  Dragón mándalas ã The Dragon is looking for the Lucky PearlThe Chinese dragon,representation for theeternal moving life and effortis chasing a lucky pearlhere, the symbol of perfection, infinity andpurity.  Dragon mandalas ã The fire dragonin spiral formThe fire dragon stands for the stupendouspower of Creation  Dragon mandalas ã The World's dragon iscreating life to EarthThe dragon as theaggregation of thegood nature powers.By the aggregation of mind and matter he isawakening Earth tolife.
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