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7 Days of Answers and Miracles

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Total Transcription of the 7 Days of Answers and Miracles Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD Hello everyone. I have prayed for you specially as promised and the Lord has also answered and is giving us 7 days of answers and miracles. Beginning tomorrow November 2, I'll share with you for 7 days what the Spirit is ministering concerning you. Blessed be the Lord forever and ever. Amen. Day 1 Healing I told you that I was going to be praying for you on the 1st of November, and I spend time to pray speciall
  Generated by Jive SBS on 2011-11-15-07:00 1 Total Transcription of the 7 Days of Answersand Miracles Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhDHello everyone. I have prayed for you specially as promised and the Lord has also answeredand is giving us 7 days of answers and miracles. Beginning tomorrow November 2, I'll sharewith you for 7 days what the Spirit is ministering concerning you. Blessed be the Lord foreverand ever. Amen.Day 1 HealingI told you that I was going to be praying for you on the 1st of November, and I spend time topray specially just for you, and during that intercession, in praying for you in different areaof your life, the Lord ministered to me, and let me know, that not only has he answered, andgranted us miracles that you so much desire, but that all of this was planned a long timeago. And he just got us into the situation where we will have our faith lifted, and receivewhatever he has planned for us. Because God loves us and he is good. And so, in the next7 days beginning today, I am going be sharing with you the answers and miracles that theLord has granted us.We will begin today with healing, your healing has be granted, a special miracle has berelease for you, the bible tell us about the times and seasons in the kingdom of God, andwe are in a season of the miraculous right now, and miracles are happening, that is whyGod insured that we have our faith join together like this so that through this mutual faith, wecould receive what he has planned for us and together we are victors. So I will share thatprayer with you right now and the answer for your healing. All you have to do is receive it asyou did already by sending your statement of faith. And now receive it because your prayerhas been made and the answer is yours, the miracle is yours.  Today answers is for your healing, receive that miracle right now, because Godis healing you now, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit is reaching out to you.Diabetes is gone, the Spirit of God is asking me to tell you that those pains willnot return, the viral infection is over, and you are healed, your blood is touchedby the Spirit of God, the headaches are gone, and that cancer dematerializestoday in the name of Jesus. Receive that healing now, receive healing for yourbody for you heart, for your lungs, for your kidneys today in the name of Jesus. You are healed, you are healed now, you are healed, now you can just put yourhands on the palm of my hand and receive that miracle, receive it now in thename of Jesus, and you can put it close to your body, and just touch your bodywith it, because the anointing is reaching out to you, and that healing is yours  Total Transcription of the 7 Days of Answers and MiraclesGenerated by Jive SBS on 2011-11-15-07:00 2 right now, that growth is dead in Jesus name, right now, right now, be free, behealed, be cleansed, and for the baby that child is healed in Jesus name, thatchild is healed, thank you Lord Jesus, thank you Lord, and the man that has beensick for so many years, and your family is praying for you, this is your moment,be healed, young man be healed, young lady be healed, little girl be healed, behealed in Jesus name. and this dear mother is been healed by the Spirit of God,the anointing for healing is out, is going out to you today, receive that healingthat you have so long desire, today is your day for a miracle and it is yours now.Now tomorrow I have a word for your finances don’t miss that. God bless you. Day 2 FinancesAs I told you yesterday, I have already prayed for you and it's time to receive the answers.Today, I'm going to bring you a word concerning your finances. Now, there are three (3)things the Lord is going to do for you because he's already answered the prayer from you.The first thing is He's going to guide you to learn and understand kingdom principles foryour finances; how to receive it, how to get it and how to multiply it. This is something theLord is going to do for you, which means every time the Word of God is being taught orpreached concerning finances, make sure you listen and that you respond because throughknowledge shall the just be delivered into his inheritance. So this is important.Now the other thing the Lord is going to do for you is this. He's giving you a 21 day miracleunction. Which means in the next 21 days you are going to have miracle money. Now,you've got to let your faith open up and go up to God to receive miracle money in the next 21days. Now, this is amazing because this has already begun.And the 3rd thing is that when I release the anointing in prayer within the next few seconds,make sure you receive it for yourself. So the next 21 days a special unction is beingreleased that you can receive miracle money. Now these things happened in bible days andthey are still happening.So get ready to receive now! In the name of the Lord Jesus. I release that anointing to helpyou, to guide you to the knowledge of kingdom principles for financial miracles. And then Irelease that anointing to you now for the 21 day miracle money that is happening already.You can receive miracle money in these 21 days; a special season from the Spirit of God.You are blessed specially and this is going to multiply and lead you to greater financialblessings and I thank God for you.Make sure you share this message. I'll bring you more word tomorrow. God bless you!   Total Transcription of the 7 Days of Answers and MiraclesGenerated by Jive SBS on 2011-11-15-07:00 3 Day 3 ProtectionWhen we pray, God answers us by sending us His word and by filling us with His Spirit. Thebible says In Psalms 107:20 He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them fromtheir destructions . It is the same way He does it all the time. He sends His word and thenfills us with his Spirit. A word for your protection today and it is from Isaiah 54:14 In righteousnessyou'll be established; you will be far from tyranny, for you won't be afraid, andfrom terror, for it won't come near you.” That is god’s word for you today and so what do you do, you receive thatword, that answer for your protection and you say “ I have been established inrighteousness” and then you say I am far from oppression for I shall not fear:and from terror, for it shall not come near me. So you are receiving the word of God to yourself, for yourself, because that is the answer, he has sent his word bytelling you that you shall be establish in righteousness and so you are, becausealready the righteousness of God is establish in your spirit, so you receive thatword, you are far from oppression, and you say yes I am far from oppression andfrom terror for it shall not come near me. And make that yours today becausethat is his word for you, I will bring you more word tomorrow. God bless you.  Day 4 Assurance In praying for you the Lord said, “i have opened your eyes to see and your earsto hear and you will see and perceive and you will hear and understand.”And now this is so important. There is something so beautiful that we must getfrom the blessings of God coming to us at this time. And that is his word that hespeaks to us from the book of Isaiah 32:17 And the work of righteousness shallbe peace; and the effect of righteousness…” here is what I want you to notice “…and the effect of righteousness shall be quietness and confidence forever . The effect of righteousness, the effect of your right standing in his presence is quietness andassurance, quietness and confidence forever. The Lord has ministered that righteousnessinto your Spirit. It has been imparted to you, and in His presence you can have the  Total Transcription of the 7 Days of Answers and MiraclesGenerated by Jive SBS on 2011-11-15-07:00 4 quietness. It means that you are still and unmoved irrespective of what happens aroundand then there is a confidence that works in your Spirit. Now when you let this confidenceand quietness function in you by reason of your righteousness, the rest of it is here in Isaiah32:18 And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and inquiet resting places . Do you notice he didn’t say in peaceful habitation(s), but he says “…in apeaceable habitation…” that mean he is referring to a state, and that wordmeans shalom, it means peace and prosperity. And you are going to dwell in apeaceful habitation, in a place of peace, assurance and prosperity. He says thatis what he is bringing you into. And plus that he tells us “…and in Sure dwellingsthat means secure places, that means he makes you secure in life. This is sowonderful. And how do you receive this? You receive it by simply saying; thank you Lord, I walk in your righteousness, Ilive in your righteousness and therefore I have that quietness and assurance,that quietness and confidence because “…the effect of righteousness isquietness and confidence or quietness and assurance . So it is already there. That means righteousness has worked this in your spirit. And you are thankinghim for it. I walk in your righteousness and therefore I have that quietness and assurance. I amunmoved no matter what happens around me, I live in prosperity and in peace and I amin security because the Lord has secured my spirit. I am secured forever. Praise the Lord,and you have this confidence because he has blessed you with it. I will share more with youtomorrow. God bless you.Day 5When I was praying for you there are so many things that I had to talk about and one ofthem is that the lord will bring a manifestation of his word into your life in such a way thatyou become productive in every way. The things that you do will work. Your job, yourbusiness, projects, whatever they are. There will be a difference between you and others inthe success that you have.  This is what I was praying for you about and here is the answer that the Lordbrought. I want to read it to you from the word in ISAIAH 44:3-5 “For I will pourwater upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground…” here is the key,“…I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring:…”.Now when you sow a seed, when you plant your effort, when you plant anything,
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