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7 Days Itinerary in Korea

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  7 days itinerary in Korea|Budget Travel Guide South Korea Zarina Jani I have been asked by many, what if they only have a week to spend in Korea, where should they go or what should they do? Assuming that the whole 7 days you are in Korea and excluding the flight arrival/departure.  This suggestion is not necessary to be done in the order below. It is all up to you and the weather. ^^ 1.Myeongdong - Namsan tower - Namdaemun  This three places are in the same location. You can do within one day. From Myeongdong subway station, you could walk around 15 minutes up the hill to Namsan tower cable station. Myeongdong is a great place to shop for younger generation and I like the energy there. If you want to watch Nanta show you could opt for Myeongdong theather. Namdaemun is  just across the road after you complete the whole stretch of Myeongdong street and a few shopping complex are around the are - Shinsegae, Lotte and Avenue. I love eating at the  basement food court in Lotte but most of the time it's crowded. 2. Insadong - Jongno - Cheongyecheon - Gyeongbok/Chandeok palace - Dongdaemun  If you walk along the Cheongyecheon stream, you could choose the exits to Jongno, Insadong or Dongdaemun. They are just very closed to each other. If you love antiques and arts galleries take the opportunity to savour the beauty of Insadong. There are so many korean traditional restaurant to choose around this area. At the end of the Insadong street you could visit the infamous Gyeongbok/Chandeok palace. Gyeongbok is the masculine type of palace while Chandeok is the feminine counterpart. I love both palace. Try to visit both if you have the time. Dongdaemun is better visited at night because the place is heated up in between 10PM to 5AM. 3.Nami island  The place is a bit further out from Seoul. You may need to take 1 hour and a half train from Cheongyanni Station and stopped at Gapyeong Station. From there, take a taxi to the jetty and a ferry to the island. If you love the Winter Sonata hit drama by Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo, don't miss this spot. I prefer this place in autumn and winter. 4. Yeoido/Yeoinaru - Hangang River - 63 Building - Aquaria  If you want to visit the broadcasting stations like KBS and MBC, you should go to Yeoido/Yeoinaru and then visit the 63 building where they have an aquarium attached. Complete your day with Hangang River cruise at night. This place is pretty in spring. 5. Lotte World/Everland  Choose one of the theme parks. Lotte world is just in Seoul near Jamsil but you need to take a 1 hour bus to Everland. The entry price is about the same but Everland is much bigger. Avoid school holidays or public holidays because the queue for the games will be never ending story. One whole day is needed for theme park. 6. DMZ - Demilitarized Zone  Stretched further out from Seoul. This is a place worth visiting cause it is a place like no other in South Korea. DMZ is the border between South Korea and North Korea 7. Apgujeong for K-pop lovers / National Museum for historical lovers/ Shopping You might meet your K-pop idols in Apgujeong but this is not a guarantee. Try walking into any of the post salons there and you might bumped into them. Final day should be left for free tour. You could choose the suggested one or just do some shopping before you leave Korea.  There are so many places to visit in Korea which are left out: Hongik/Hongdae or Ewha/Sinchon - students flock this area because a few universities are here. Gwanghamun - King Sejong and General Lee Sun Shin statue and their memorial Gyeongju - If you have another 2-3 days extra, a MUST visit historical site. Jeju island - If you have another 2-3 days extra, the infamous island with an inactive volcano mount Halla. Day 1  Visiting shopping malls around Dongdaemun Strolling along the Cheonggyecheon Stream till night (best view) Day 2  Itaewon Perform Solat @ Seoul Mosque Lunch @ Mr.Kebab Gyeongbok Palace  National Musem of Korea Day 3  Shopping @ Myeongdong Shopping @ Namdaemun Market Day 4   Nami Island Dinner @ Istanbul Kebab at Dongdaemun Day 5  Chandeok Palace  Namsangol Hanok Village  Namsan Tower @ Seoul Tower Insa-dong (buy cheap souvenirs) Day 6  Visit Insa-dong Tourist Centre (wear hanbok for free) Itaewon (Seoul Mosque again+Namdaemun market (last shopping) Yoeinaru-experiencing a night cruise along the Han River (fee= krw 15 000) Hangang Park (strolling along the river till bored) Day 7    Visit Hongik University Walking along the Ewha University Visit King Sejong & Jeneral Park statues @ Gwanghamun Day 8 Sleeping @ Incheon airport Flight to Malaysia Her verdict:   Total budget: RM 2,000 (I bought lots of souvenirs for family, officemates and  friends). I just returned from Seoul. Only one word can I describe Seoul : Fantastic!!  Akak, thank you for your backpacking tips & advices. I did follow your 7 days itinerary but with a little change. I skipped Lotte World and Apgujeong. Seoul is very safe and totally clean! I do love the people there. They're so helpful. Only sometimes, I feel uncomfortable when they  glanced awkwardly to us just because we're wearing tudung. :)   A sample itinerary   Day 1  9.45pm - arrived at Incheon Airport by Air Asia 10.30pm - ride AREX + subway to Seoul 11.30pm - check in guesthouse, explore Myeongdong by foot Day 2  7.00am - breakfast, check out guesthouse, leave the luggage at guesthouse 8.00am - Namdaemun 10.30am - Chandeok palace 12.30pm - Insadong and lunch 2.00pm - Cheongyecheon stream 4.00pm - Namsan tower, teddy bear museum 7.00pm - Myeongdong , dinner 10.00pm - my friends will go to Incheon Airport or they can opt for another night stay at the guesthouse and leave early morning the next day to Gimpo Airport but I will stay at Incheon Airport and take the earliest train to Gimpo Airport the next day. Day 3  8.30am - flight to Jeju Island from Gimpo Airport *susceptible to the weather and flight delay* 10.00am -arrived at Jeju Island -tour the airport, breakfast 11.00am -check in Guesthouse 11.30am -rent scooter and check out Jeju Island until night Day 4  7.00am -checkout guesthouse 9.00am - 6.00pm -tour Jeju Island 8.00pm -fly to Busan 9.00pm -arrived at Busan and check out the city 11.00pm -check in jjimjilbang at Gwangalli/Haeundae Day 5  7.00am -breakfast, checkout from jjimjilbang  8.00am - Yonggungsa 11.00am -Busan Mosque - lunch at Busan Mosque -Busan Tower -Jagalchi Market -40 Gyedan -Gwangalli Beach 4.00pm - if decide to take free shuttle bus from Busan to Seoul; free bus from Paradise Hotel, Haeundae Beach 16.00hrs arrived at Seoul 20:00 hours 12.00pm -if decide to take midnight train to Seoul Day 6  6.00am -arrive at Seoul Station, leave the luggage at the station 8.00am - Nami Island by subway and train 2.00pm -check in guesthouse, ewha,sinchon,hongdae, shopping 6.00pm -Sindangdong tteokpokki and Dongdaemun Day 7  7.00am -Itaewon -Itaewon Mosque-Namsangol Hanok Village 12.00 noon -DMZ 6.00pm -Yeoido Park,63 building, shopping at Myeongdong Day 8  5.30am - take the first subway to Incheon Airport ; checkout Seoul subway schedule here . 8.25am - fly back to Malaysia Estimated budget ~ RM1,800 / 600,000 won excluding flight ticket and shopping Note:  1.   Total actual days in Korea are 6 days 2.   This itinerary might not be suitable for those with children or elders. 3.   Time may not be accurate and just for estimation. 4.   Jjimjilbang is optional; the cheapest stay for about 12,000 won per night but may not be the most comfortable. 5.   Always have Plan B if your flight or scheduled get delayed or changed. 6.   Bring muscle pain reliever as the schedule is harsh, definitely if you're traveling with me. Hehehe.
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