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    Keys to Making a Functional Talisman Before delineating the steps to talismanic construction we would like to briefly describe certain keys that are conducive to proper talismanic constructions : ã Will :  The development of a potent, concentrated will is essential in any magickal act. Without the exercise of this aspect of the Spirit within man, nothing magickal may be accomplished. n order to aligned oneself with the true spiritual will and tap its power it is necessary to harmoni!e the lower aspect of one s  being##the physical body, emotions, and mind. These attributes of the soul, when left to run amuck, interferes with one s will and cause it to waver and become weak. $editation is a helpful discipline to still the psyche and help one to reach the higher spiritual spheres where the faculty of will may be evoked into greater operation in the lower consciousness. %usterities also help to train the lower expression of the will. &xercising ones will attune with the greater will of the Spirit helps the magician to direct the forces and intelligences of the omni verse. ntelligent forces would obey the spiritual authority of the mage who is attuned with his true atomic  will. The mage s voice, ga!e, and presence exude an expression of authority, beauty, love and intelligence as a result of regular attunements. ã Concentration :The successful accomplishment of any discipline re'uires one#pointed ness and concentration. (ne s attention should be directed to the matter at hand, and not to divert it to any other points of focali!ation. This is especially important in magickal works, as the slightest deviation may cause an interruption of an energy flow and conse'uently, the failure of an operation. The novice ought to undergo a systematic magickal training to develop concentration and the other mental faculties re'uired in magickal)mystical practice. ã Visualization    :n applied occultism, the faculty of visuali!ation is intensely used, for instance, in the probing of the metaphysical omni verse, in the invocation of energies and the direction of forces, in occult therapeutics and in empowerment, etc. The power to visuali!e is essential for the novice magician to develop. t is one of the important keys of occult mastery, for without a strong visuali!ation* a magickal practitioner would encounter problems in his works of manifesting desires and thus experience dismal failure. +isuali!ations held strongly in the mind reaches out to the osmic -niversal $ind and affects it thereby. Whatever the magician desires to occur, would have to be sent out to the osmic ntelligences via charged images, as these are universal languages understood by any intelligent spirit. rayers are most effective when accompanied  by images. n talismanic construction, visuali!ation is essential in channeling the re'uired force into the talismanic matrix and building it into /0 existence. ã Attunement    :%ccessing cosmic or psychic energies re'uires the practitioner to tune#in to their sources. We cannot access and channel what we cannot attune to, therefore, the art of attunement while in an altered state of consciousness is an essential key in magickal operations involving the engagement of spiritual forces.  The path to accessing the centers of force in the osmic Sea of 1ife is through one s own higher consciousness. t is the portal to the various realities and planes of existences. The various god#forms and 0ivine 2ame represent certain rays and power#centers in the archetypal worlds. The assumption of those forms and the chanting of the  2ames)mystical prayers assist the practitioner to attune with the forces that they represent. This attunement is easily facilitated when the practitioner has completely subdued his normal waking#consciousness during meditation)self#induced trance and reached beyond the sub consciousness to the super conscious mind. This key re'uires allot of practice on the part of the novice. 2ot only is it important in talismanic construction but likewise in self#transformation and the culture of gnosis##otherwise known as 3marifat,3 in slamic mysticism. The various steps of attunement consist of relaxation, breathing exercises, withdrawing of the external senses to the Self within, chanting, visuali!ation, etc. ã Power Accumulation   Without energy as a secondary cause of manifestation, the desire or will to initiate a new stream of activity or to exercise the innate creativity comes to naught. When the Supreme ntelligence desired to 3create,3 the Shakti principle of energy was re'uired to bring it into fulfillment. Without the cohabitation of the 4in and 4ang forces, there is no new manifestation, no new birth of a third principle, symboli!ed in &gyptian metaphysics by 5orus, the child of (siris and sis. %s a concrete example, a light# bulb illuminates because of the flow of negative and positive currents* disconnect one or the other, and nothing occurs. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm. n order to create, man has to emulate his reator. 5e has to access the abundant sea of energies surrounding his being to empower his pro6ects and magickal operations. The accumulation of psychic, cosmic energies is therefore a vital undertaking in the making of talismans. &nergy is what gives vitality to a talisman transforming it into a 'uasi#living entity. The energies accessed are stored in the etheric centers of the magician and within the magickal circle##these energies are then channeled into magickal operations. t is also possible before#hand to store the energies in an ob6ect to be retrieved at a later moment. n metaphysics there are various methods and techni'ues of cosmic and psychic energy accumulation. %lmost every occult tradition has its own procedure. 7or instance, in the Western tradition, there is the 3$iddle illar &xercise.3 n indo#oriental societies, there are traditional practices such as 3hi#8ung3 and 3lmu Tenaga 0alam,3 designed to accumulate and store energy in the etheric centers.. The chanting and recitation of certain mantras and the positioning of the hands in certain ways, as in mudras , likewise assist in the build#up of psychic energy. %bundant energy may also be tapped from the sexual force inherent within the  physical organism.  n this article we will not discuss the above methods of energy accumulation. These may be ac'uired from relevant sources and may be found on the nternet. n the  steps  described below we provide 6ust one method using chanting coupled with breathing and visuali!ation to accomplish this aspect of the work. ã Purification  --Cleansing the Channels; Unblocking the Chakras (ne may be successful in invoking or accessing cosmic, divine energies with one s attunement* however, it takes purity to channel them. %ny blockages and obstructions in the etheric, meridian channels and centers would cause a poor energy flow. The dross matter in the physical#etheric neuro#systems interrupts the influx of the invoked force, which makes channeling energies rather arduous and  possibly dangerous because of the friction and burn#up. urification on all levels should therefore be undergone. The latter is one of the first steps in any metaphysical development and culture. n association with this, it is vital to cease generating anymore build#up of toxic matter. The dross matter within the lower microcosm has its source in the ingestion of animal substances, pollution,  preservatives, chemicals, negative thoughts and feelings, etc. urification may be processed through certain metaphysical exercises* rites of cleansing* fasting* and prayers of confession, contrition, and appeals of forgiveness to clear the psyche of complexes. Without a pure vessel, the invoked force will not enter into the system* and even if it does, it will not remain long. t will evaporate having encountered nothing that would absorb it. ã Fasting    :Before conducting any magickal rite it is a custom to fast several days before hand. 7asting assists in establishing a body#consciousness fre'uency conducive to magickal work. ã Holy Guardian Angel Inocation   :&very magickal rite should be  preceded by an invocation of one s 5oly 9uardian %ngel 59%;, the daemon  of Socrates, or Solar Angel   as it is called in some occult literature. ts presence  protects one from negative intelligences and assists the mage in the accessing and directing of forces. t has many functions pertaining to the evolution of the divine spark in its charge. The words)names that one s 59% resonate with may be ac'uired through spiritual attunement or extracted numerological through one s  personal name. %s the methods are related to initiatory teachings they will not be given here. ã A!!ro!riate Material   :f you are going to use metals as a base for your talismanic constructions, be sure to use the appropriate metal. See the tabel below. To know which planet rules the nature of the talisman that you wish to fashion, a little research will soon reveal this to you, or you may consider exercising your intuition in this matter. f parchment or paper are employed for this purpose, you may have them tinted with the appropriate color* or if oils are chosen as media for  talismanic enchantment, utili!e the scent that most agrees with the purpose and force invoked. The tabel presented below is 6ust a guide. ãã TABEL OF CORRESPONDENCESTABEL TABLE OF CORRESPONDENCESPLANETDAYARCHANGELCOLORMETALPERFUME SunSunday$ichael4ellow, 9old9oldinnamon, <a 7aron$oon$onday9ibraiel+iolet, Silver Silver=asmine, >??> $alam, =awiyah$arsTuesdaySamael@edron, Steel0ragons Blood, Salwa$ercuryWednesday@aphael(range$ercury, Brass$usk, $isik =upiterThursdaySachielBlue, urpleTin, latinumedar, atchouli, 8asturi, stanbul+enus7riday%nneal9reenopperSandalwood, @ose, @atu BulgisSaturnSaturdayassielBlack1ead$yrrh, $isik, 5a6ar %swad%nother one is from %rabic occult book of A2a'she SulaimaniWhich is far more authentic then western table 0ayCs 2ame:Sunday$ondayTuesday WednesdayThursday7ridaySaturdayTime period Wednesday  2ightThursday 2ight7riday 2ightSaturday 2ightSunday 2ight$onday 2ightTuesday 2ight> st  hourShams8amar$irrikh-tared$ushtari<ohra<oholD nd  hour<ohra<oholShams8amar$irrikh-tared$ushtariE rd  hour -tared$ushtari<ohra<oholShams8amar$irrikh/ th  hour8amar$irrikh-tared$ushtari<ohra<oholShamsF th  hour<oholShams8amar$irrikh-tared$ushtari<ohraG th  hour$ushtari<ohra<oholShams8amar$irrikh-taredH th  hour$irrikh-tared$ushtari<ohra<oholShams8amar 
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