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   MAHMOUD EL - MOSHNEB CLEOPATRA AVIATION CO. TENDER ISSUE ELEC. CONSULTANT ENGINEER AIRCRAFT HANGAR NOV. 2010CAIRO AIRPORT  ELECTRICAL SPEC.’S CABLES , WIRES & COLOR CODES. 16120 - 1  SECTION - 16120 CABLES , WIRES AND COLOR CODES .PART 1 - GENERAL1.1 RELATED DOCUMENTSA. Drawings and general provisions of the contract, including general and supplementary conditions and division 16 specification sections, apply to thissection. 1.2 SUMMARYA. This Section includes the following items:1. Cable / wires2. Flexible Cable3. Feeders and Sub-Feeders4. Color Codes5. Remote Control (RC) PVC/PVC Cables B. Related Sections: The following sections contain requirements that relate to thissection:1. Division 16 Section 16140 “ Wiring Devices & Methods of installations “.2. Division 16 Section 16195 “ Identifications “.3. Division 16 Section 16425 “ Low-Voltage main distribution boards ( LT-MDB)(EM-MDB).4. Division 16 section 16465 “ Bus- Way and power feeder”.5. Division 16 section 16470 ” Panel boards”.6. Division 16 section 16720 “ Fire detection alarm and communication system”.7. Division 16 section 16745 :Telephone network”.8. Division 16 section 16 770 “ Sound system”. 1.3 SUBMITTALSGeneral: submit the following according to conditions of contract and division 16specification sections. A. Product data including manufacturer’s detailed technical product data and installation instructions for cables , wires . Include instructions for handling,storage, installation, dimensions of individual components, profiles, finishing, protection, and maintenance. B. Samples consisting of sets of range samples for each type of cables ,wires includingthe required accessories.   MAHMOUD EL - MOSHNEB CLEOPATRA AVIATION CO. TENDER ISSUE ELEC. CONSULTANT ENGINEER AIRCRAFT HANGAR NOV. 2010CAIRO AIRPORT  ELECTRICAL SPEC.’S CABLES , WIRES & COLOR CODES. 16120 - 2  C. Shop drawings showing layout and types of cables , wires and color codes, including plans, elevations, sections and details . 1.4 QUALITY ASSURANCEA. Installer Qualifications: Engage an experienced installer who has specialized    ininstalling types of cables , wires similar to those required for this project. B. Source Quality Control: Obtain cables , wires of each type from a singlemanufacturer or source to ensure a match of quality, color, pattern, and manufacturing. 1.5 DELIVERY, STORAGE, AND HANDLINGA. Protect cables , wires and color codes samples from exposure to moisture inshipment, storage, and handling. Deliver in unopened cartons or bundles and storein a dry place with adequate air circulation. Do not deliver material to building untilconcrete, plaster, masonry, ceramic tile, and other wet work is complete and cured toa condition of equilibrium and temperature and humidity are maintained at or near occupancy levels. 1.6 PROJECT CONDITIONSA. Moisture Content: At time of delivery, average moisture content to be 6 to 9 percent, with a maximum of 12 percent for any one piece and not more than 5 percent outside of given average range. B. Conditioning: Do not install cables , wires until spaces are enclosed and atapproximate humidity condition planned for occupancy. 1.7 WARRANTYA. Warranty: Submit a written warranty executed by manufacturer, Installer, and contractor, agreeing to repair or replace cables , wires that fails in materials or workmanship within the specified warranty period. Failures include, but are notlimited to:1. Buckling, warping, squeaking, and loosening in cables ,wires .2. Excessive open joints or cracks.3. Deterioration of finishes beyond normal wear. B. Warranty Period: 3 years from date of Substantial Completion.   MAHMOUD EL - MOSHNEB CLEOPATRA AVIATION CO. TENDER ISSUE ELEC. CONSULTANT ENGINEER AIRCRAFT HANGAR NOV. 2010CAIRO AIRPORT  ELECTRICAL SPEC.’S CABLES , WIRES & COLOR CODES. 16120 - 3  C. The warranty shall not deprive the owner of other rights the owner may have under other provisions of the contract documents and will be in addition to and runconcurrent with other warranties made by the contractor under requirements of thecontract documents. 1.8 EXTRA MATERIALA. Deliver extra material to owner. Before installation begins, furnish not less than 1.0 percent of the quantity of each type cables , wires installed on the Project, packaged with protective covering for storage and identified with labels clearly describingcontents. PART 2 - PRODUCTS2.1 MANUFACTURERSA. Manufacturers: Subject to compliance with requirements , and as indicated by thearchitect, provide samples to be approved by the engineer. B. One manufacturer should be used for cables and wires. PART 3 - EXECUTION3.1 INSPECTIONA. Examine substrates where cables , wires will be installed and conditions under whichwork will be performed. Do not proceed with work until unsatisfactory conditionshave been corrected in manner acceptable to installer. 3.2 PREPARATIONA. Where direct application of cables , wires to concrete substrate is indicated, test for dryness before proceeding with installation. Check liveliness of concrete substrateto ensure not more than 6-mm deviation in any direction when checked with a 3-mstraight edge. Grind down high spots or fill in low spots to correct improper conditions. B. Apply moisture barrier over concrete substrate or subfloor as recommended byengineer. 3.3 INSTALLATIONA. General: Comply with switches manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.   MAHMOUD EL - MOSHNEB CLEOPATRA AVIATION CO. TENDER ISSUE ELEC. CONSULTANT ENGINEER AIRCRAFT HANGAR NOV. 2010CAIRO AIRPORT  ELECTRICAL SPEC.’S CABLES , WIRES & COLOR CODES. 16120 - 4  B. Pattern: Comply with pattern or direction of pattern for installing cables , wires asindicated in drawings or, if not indicated, as directed by engineer. C. Technical specifications1. Cable / Wires :  a. Cable / wires in conduits & trunking will be single core , copper conductors ,PVC insulated , 600 / 1000 volt grade manufactured by “Egyptian Electro -Cable Company “ or approved equal . wires and cable to be according to IEC502 or BS 6004Manuacturers name & meter length to be marked on cables and/or drawings . b. The PVC insulation of the cables will be coloured as described herein in item4c . All wiring will be carried out to the looping- in principle with all connectionscarried out at the terminal points , no joints or connections will be allowed elsewhere in the conduit system .d . Termination of cables will be by means of sweater or compression lugs ,screw or clamp type terminals Conductor sizes 10 m.m 2 & below will bedoubled back on themselves at terminals .e . Solid copper conductors will be used for cross sections smaller than 4 sqmm& stranded copper conductors for 4 sqmm and bigger f. Glands for the various types of multicore cables will be purpose made &suitable for the equipment enclosure . 2. Flexible Cable :  a. Flexible cables will be PVC insulated & PVC sheathed copper conductors600 / 1000 volt grade for single phase & 3 phase connection . Where cablesare connected to equipment of excessive heat , they will be of the heatresisting grade , E.P. R . insulated , C.P . sheathed , 300 / 500 volt grade tocomply with B.S. 6500 , table 14 .Extra stranded wires/cables should be used with any equipment subject tomotion (motor ... ) .  3. Feeders and sub-Feeders Installation : a. Feeders and sub-feeders to panelboards & isolating switches shall be either single copper conductor wires pulled inside conduits or multi-core copper conductor cables ( LSZH ) run exposed , in ducts , or as shown on theengineer’s drawings , manufactured by “ Egyptian Electro -Cable Company“Arab cables Co. EL Sewedy or approved equal . b. Cables shall be fixed on galvanized steel perforated trays or on other approved special cable supporting & protecting arrangement .
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