How To Self Publish

If you want to publish a book the easy way is open a free amazon account and upload your pages. Almost any format will work and the book can be ready to purchase in a few minutes. The cost is high but it is easy to use and you have little to no investment on the printing side. Of course cover illustration can cost money if you have to have it done for you. I suggest if you have a creative friend go online to and design a cover using the stock art they have online. Save as a print quality PDF and you are ready to go.

As I mentioned the cost to print can be high. You need to weigh the good and bad and decide what is good for you. If you have clients ready to purchase then you want to have a LOW COST base printing cost. You can invest some cash to carry inventory that will sell quick at a higher profit margin.  Now lets look at real numbers. Online at Create Space your cost for a full color book, 100 pages might be $7.50. If you sell it as a Print to Ship book the cost is not closer to $13.00.

Going a more complicated route using a private printer like, you will need to provide the copy in a PDF but not just any PDF. It must be make by Adobe In Design. They kept the rights to some of the PDF formats so that is a extra cost and learning curve. Could be under $10.00 a month so still not out of range. You might have a setup fee but can make that up in extras profit really fast. The books are less to print. NOTE: Do NOT allow others to sell it on Ingram Spark. This could cost you BIG money due to returns and some will under cut your price. Just not worth it until you grow in the business both with financial backing and knowledge.

The 100 page book described above is closer to $4.50 cost. That is it. As you can see you can have a lower selling price to still make a fair profit. The quality would be the middle range Ingram has listed. It is 85% the same as what Amazon prints. I think Amazon is using a heavier stock but I bet none of your clients will notice.

Our experience comes from printing a anti bullying book, My Message today available online...and at Amazon.

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